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18-Apr-2016 14:50:00
4 reasons, Why you need Critical Illness Insurance in UAE?

Critical Illness Insurance helps to protect loss of income; due to a major illness like Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Kidney Failure...

Unlike medical insurance,...

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17-Apr-2016 09:21:00
NRI Term Insurance|8 reasons why NRI should buy Life Insurance in UAE?

This post provides 8 reasons why NRI should buy Life Insurance in UAE?

1. Broad and transparent Scope of Critical Illness Cover

Life insurance plans in UAE cover up...

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13-Nov-2015 19:36:00
How to Protect Loss of Income? - Financial Planning in Dubai

If you had a goose that laid golden eggs, would you insure the eggs or the goose that lays them?

The reality is most us are choosing to insure the eggs instead of...

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01-Mar-2015 17:06:00
Hemaya Plus - Takaful Plan from Salama | Money Mata's Blog

Hemaya Plus is a Life Takaful / Islamic Insurance Term Plan with unique riders from Salama - Islamic Arab Insurance company.

It provides a Comprehensive and...

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03-Feb-2015 11:25:00
Top 5 Reasons Why I Use Zurich Futura Whole of Life Insurance?

Futura is a whole of life insurance plan from Zurich international life with cash surrender value. 

While Futura offers many essential benefits; I, as a Financial...

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24-Jul-2014 17:27:00
Zurich Term Insurance - One of the Best Term Insurance in UAE

Zurich Term Insurance is One of the Top 5 Term Insurance in the UAE. It provides international cover and best in the industry service at an affordable cost.

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22-Jul-2014 16:12:00
Zurich Futura Critical Illness List - Updated with details

This post provides the updated Zurich Futura Critical Illness List.

What is Critical illness Benefit?

The critical illness benefit of Zurich Futura, aims to protect...

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15-Jul-2014 16:07:25
Zurich Futura insurance With Enhanced Living Benefits

Zurich International Life (ZIL) has recently launched an updated and enhanced version of Zurich Futura, their Whole of life insurance plan with attractive living...

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