Best Child Education Plan

Plan and create the best higher education opportunities for your child, instead of waiting for things to happen or fall into place.

Start an education savings plan today to ensure you have adequate money to fuel your children's future. 

Best Child Education Plan

As a responsible parent, providing your child with the best education opportunities is perhaps one of your biggest financial goals, isn't it?

Our Education Planning Service helps you achieve this objective with much ease.

Child Education Plan Dubai

What is Child Education Planning?

It is the process of ensuring the availability of adequate funds for your child(ren's) higher education. It involves the following steps;

  • Evaluating the present cost of education in renowned destinations like the US, UK, Canada, Europe, India, Singapore, Australia, and UAE.
  • Estimating the impact of inflation between now and the year of starting college, to calculate the corpus required for Higher Education
  • Determining the best investment strategy;
    • How much to invest as a lump sum or as a regular monthly investment to build the required corpus
    • The risk-reward tradeoff
  • Shortlisting suitable investment plans and helping you invest in the best Education Savings Plan
  • Securing the goal with adequate life insurance to ensure that your dreams and their aspirations are not stalled even if you are not alive or unable to earn due to disability or a major critical illness. 
  • Managing the investments ( review and rebalance)to ensure your goals are met. 

I read this insightful quote from Dan Ariely, and I wanted to share it here with you.

“When parents have college savings accounts for their kids, their kids show higher social and cognitive performance.”

Parents who are financially prepared, instill a great amount of confidence in their children to dream bigger and aim bigger.  So why wait, Schedule a complimentary Education Planning session to Get Started. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are my investment choices?

You can choose from the following 3 options;

- Guaranteed Capital and Return Plan 

- Capital Protected and Bonus based Plans 

- Mutual Fund-based Education Savings Plans

2. What happens If I move out of UAE during the term of the plan?

Our education planning solutions are made with expat needs in mind, hence they are very flexible. You can choose from one of the following options when you are moving to another country;

  • Continue the plan as it is and make the regular investment via international credit card or account transfer
  • Make your plan paid up(stop further investments) and remain invested till the money is actually needed
  • Reduce the regular investment to suit your financial situation
  • Commute the future premiums into a lumpsum investment to avoid regular investments
  • Surrender the plan partially or fully.
3. Can I increase my investments in the future?

Yes, you can increase your investments anytime. However it would be difficult to decrease the contributions, so choose your investment wisely.

4. Can I Invest a Single Lump-sum into an education plan?

Yes, Investing a Lump-sum is a good idea. You can also make regular or ad-hoc top-ups at your discretion. 

5. Can I use the money for purposes other than education?

While not recommended, you can use the money for other purposes.

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