The best of the investment solutions in UAE, helping you beat inflation and achieve your financial goals.

Best Investment in UAE

Best Investment Solutions in UAE

We recommend the best investment solutions based on your individual goals, investment horizon, your attitude to risk and your financial situation. The two broad classification of investment solutions in UAE are;

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this FAQ can help provide some answers here to address the specific questions

What types of investments do you offer?

We offer a full range of investments, including:

  • International Mutual Funds - Equity, bonds and Commodities
  • Regular Saving Plans for wealth accumulation
  • Lump Sum Investments to grow wealth
  • Education Saving Plans with Capital guarantee and guaranteed returns
  • Retirement / Pension Plans
  • Capital Protected Endowment Plans

Are these Investment Plans Portable?

Yes, we only work with international providers of high repute, who provide globally portable investment solutions, well suited to the large expat population in UAE.

What are the charges for your investment services?

The first meeting is absolutely free, no charges no obligations. During this meeting, we will explain how we are compensated on different investment solutions we offer.

Can I monitor the Investments Online?

Yes, almost all providers have online access to their plans, we also provide access to an online platform, where you can view and manage all your investment and insurance plans.

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