Best Investment Options in UAE

Simple and efficient investment solutions helping you grow wealth, create passive income & achieve your financial goals faster.

Why Invest?

Investing is making your money work to help you achieve your financial goals.

Whether it is early retirement, sending your children to the best university, or buying a family home; investing your savings makes it easier and quicker.

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My goal as an Independent Financial Advisor is to understand your investment objectives and recommend the best investment solutions, based on your horizon, risk tolerance, net worth, and potential cash flows.

I have built a comprehensive Financial Planning, Investment advisory, and Portfolio Management System called the GAiM plan to help us manage your wealth.

How does GAiM Plan work?

The GAiM Plan consists of 4 important steps;

  • Knowing where you stand with your money and where you want to go in the future - Goal Positioning System
  • The easiest way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Similarly, I will create a step-by-step Action plan to achieve your goals. While the journey could look daunting, but the next step will always be clear.
  • The best of the plans are useless unless implemented. This is where many people get into an ultra perfection mode or into analysis paralysis, waiting for the right time to start.
    I can help you make the most of the available opportunities to start an investment using the best investment strategies and risk management tools.
  • Once implemented, it is important to measure progress on a regular basis and make necessary changes to your investment strategy. 

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What types of investments do you offer?

We offer a full range of investments, including:
  • International Mutual Funds /Stocks / Bonds / ETFs / Structured Products 
  • Regular Saving Plans for wealth accumulation
  • Lump-Sum Investments to grow wealth
  • Education Saving Plans with Capital guarantee and guaranteed returns
  • Retirement / Pension Plans
  • Capital Protected Endowment Plans
Are these Investment Plans Portable?

Yes, we only work with international providers of high repute, who provide globally portable investment solutions, well suited to the large expat population in UAE.

What are the charges for your investment advisory services?

The first meeting is absolutely free, with no charges no obligations. During this meeting, we will explain how we are compensated for the different investment solutions we offer.

Can I monitor the Investments Online?

Yes, almost all providers have online access to their plans, we also provide access to an online platform, where you can view and manage all your investment and insurance plans.

Want a bespoke financial plan and investment strategies to increase your net-worth and legacy?