Financial Planning

A personal plan as unique as your finger print. With every number, every goal, every dream your very own.


Financial Planning 

Your Unique Goals

Everyone’s financial and life situation is unique, and so are our goals; aren’t they? 

This is exactly what I keep that in mind when providing financial planning advice to my clients.

As a Financial Advisor, I am committed to learning about your goals, dreams, apprehensions, bottlenecks, ordeals and past experiences. 

Together we will use them to build a Holistic Financial Plan focused on your distinct needs, with cash flow projections and asset allocations.

Once your custom-made financial plan is in place, we will review it every year to measure progress and make necessary changes in line with the changes in your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this FAQ can help provide some answers here to address the specific questions

How long would the Initial Meeting take?

The initial meeting could take between 1 - 2 hours, depending on your goals and finanical situation.

What type of information do I have to provide during our meeting?

The usual informaiton required is  details of your income and expenditure, savings and financial planning needs/goals, investments held and number of dependents. The more accurate information you give, the better the quality of advice given. 


What happens after the Financial Plan is made?

The best plan is useless unless it is put into action. We will assist you completely in implementing the plan, if and when you desire. 

How often should we review the plan?

Financial Plans are usually reviwed once in a year. However if there is a lifestyle change like Marriage, Promotion, Birth of a child,  Death of a Partner or Plans to immigrate to a new country you must review your finanical plan to accomodate the change in circumstances.

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