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02-May-2021 12:30:33
Why only In America, Why not an International Life Insurance Day?

We identify International days to raise awareness on many important things like Cancer, Climate change, Yoga, Diabetes, and laughter etc.,

We also have...

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31-Mar-2020 14:41:20
How life insurance works during pandemics like Covid-19?

What started as a local outbreak in Wuhan - China late last year, has now locked-up almost the whole world in its grip. 

Besides the tragic loss of lives, it...

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21-Jun-2018 16:05:28
7 key improvements to Zurich Futura benefits in 2018

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. - Helmut Schmidt

Zurich International Life have made some useful Improvements to their Whole of Life...

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04-May-2018 10:49:12
Zurich Insurance Claims Statistics 2018 - Middle East Region

Zurich International Life have released their latest claim statistics for the periods Jan 2015 - Dec 2017.

The highlights of the report are as follows;

More claims...

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24-Jan-2018 20:11:02
5 Unique features of MetLife Future Protect Life Insurance

MetLife Future Protect is a Whole of Life insurance plan, offering critical illness cover and other living benefits to address the protection needs of residents in...

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26-Oct-2017 11:16:11
Metlife Future Protect Review - Financial Planning in Dubai

MetLife Future Protect is a comprehensive, Whole of Life, Unit Linked Insurance Plan, catering to the protection needs of the residents of UAE, Bahrain, Oman,...

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24-Oct-2017 14:35:53
How to protect loss of income due to Critical Illness? - Financial Planning in Dubai

A major critical illness like Cancer, Heart attack or Stroke can take a long time for recovery, mostly leading to prolonged loss of income.

During this period of...

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27-Sep-2016 13:39:00
5 ways how Zurich Futura can adapt changes in your life?

Flexibility is a key feature of Zurich Futura insurance policy, enabling it to adapt to your changing life situations.

It ensures peace of mind at every stage of...

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