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27 Mar 2018

What is Holistic Financial Planning & Why is it Important for you?

The Holistic Approach A couple; John & Jane are expats living in UAE f...

28 Nov 2017

Free Budget Planner - 2020 - Exclusive for UAE Residents.

A Budget Planner that actually works! It is the beginning of a fresh n...

24 Oct 2017

Money for Life - Workshop on Lifetime Cashflow Planning

Knowing how much you can spend today, and the effect it can have on yo...

16 Sep 2017

Change the Way You Think about Money- Sep 16, 2017

Change the Way You Think about Money This seminar is full of unique id...

31 Jul 2017

Change The Way You Think about Money- Financial Planning Seminar

It is back again... "Change the Way You Think about Money- Financial P...

15 May 2017

Ramadan to Ramadan - 50 Weeks Savings Challenge

Ramadan to Ramadan Savings Challenge. Last year I conceived this idea ...

15 May 2017

Zurich Insurance Dubai - Life, Savings & Investment Solutions.

Zurich International is a leading multi-line insurance provider. They ...

20 Mar 2017

How to keep your budget on track? - Financial Planning in Dubai

Now that you've created your budget, how do you keep it on track? The ...

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