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20-Mar-2017 21:23:44
How to keep your budget on track? - Financial Planning in Dubai

Now that you've created your budget, how do you keep it on track?

The key is in diligently recording and tracking your expenses to understand your spending habits.


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11-Sep-2016 09:28:31
Inflation Calculator - - Financial Planning in Dubai

Inflation is a potential threat to your savings and income.

It is capable of reducing the purchasing power of your money over a period of time.

In other words, It...

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29-May-2016 20:02:00
A penny saved is spent else where.. - Financial Planning in Dubai

A penny saved is a penny earned.

This famous quote by Benjamin Franklin no longer holds true, not atleast for Expats in UAE.

A friend of mine, once said that 


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24-Apr-2016 05:29:23
Investing lessons from Sir Bradman's Ducks - Financial Planning in Dubai

Sifr in Arabic, Anda in colloquial Hindi, Zero in English and a Duck in the cricketing language are the four-letter words most dreaded by every batsman in the world.

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26-Jan-2016 18:29:33
8 Steps to Financial Independence - Ebook for UAE residents

Why I wrote 8 Steps to Financial Independence?

I have read quite a few books if not many; on the subject of financial independence and getting rich.

Almost all...

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13-Nov-2015 19:36:00
How to Protect Loss of Income? - Financial Planning in Dubai

If you had a goose that laid golden eggs, would you insure the eggs or the goose that lays them?

The reality is most us are choosing to insure the eggs instead of...

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13-Sep-2015 17:15:10
3 Important Facts About Mortgage Insurance In Dubai

Mortgage insurance is mandatory for all mortgages in UAE.

The following 3 are the most important facts you should know about Mortgage Insurance.

Fact No 1 -...

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26-Aug-2015 13:26:20
When you buy Life Insurance! - Financial Planning in Dubai

What do you buy, when you buy Life Insurance?

When buying life insurance, many see it only as money their family will get when they die, but in reality it is much...

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