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15-Apr-2021 00:00:00
The ultimate early retirement - F.I.R.E guide for expats in the UAE

The premise of achieving early retirement by following the “Financial Independence, Retire Early” (F.I.R.E) methodology is fairly straightforward. You save...

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18-Jun-2014 10:29:56
Retirement at 30, Is it possible? - Financial Planning in Dubai

While we all look forward to establish a rewarding career at age 30, can somebody  think about retirement?

 Meet Mr. Money Mustache from Canada, who has cracked the...

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21-Nov-2013 12:13:39
How To Save For Retirement When 50 And Above? - Financial Planning in Dubai

At age 50 wondering how to save for retirement can be perturbing and even discouraging.

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15-Sep-2013 16:42:38
3 irrational retirement planning misconceptions you must avoid!

According to The Second World Happiness Report, more than half of UAE employees are worried that they will not be able to retire with an adequate income.

This means...

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27-Jun-2013 10:29:55
7 Simple Steps to a BIG Retirement Nest Egg!

Plight of Expats

Every time we see an article on the newspaper or magazine, about the plight of expats having to leave UAE broke, we feel sorry for the poor souls...

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