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Written by Money Mata - aka - Damodhar Mata
on June 18, 2014

While we all look forward to establish a rewarding career at age 30, can somebody  think about retirement?

 Meet Mr. Money Mustache from Canada, who has cracked the retirement code at age 30.

Mr Money Mustache and Family

Mr. Money Mustache a married Canadian citizen, has managed to retire in his early thirties and is one of the most inspiring personal finance bloggers on the internet.

His blog posts are informative, entertaining and educating on practical ideas of saving money and investment, leading to financial independence, and they can be found at www.mrmoneymustache.com.

Listen to his interview on The Mad Fientist Financial Independence podcast, where he talks about his path to financial independence. I hope you enjoy and get inspired from the discussion with him as much as I did!

To know more about Mr. Money Mustache please visit Mr Money Moustache Website

In UAE there are various options available to help you save for your retirement. Leading Insurance companies like Zurich International Life, Generali, Friends Provident and Metlife Alico have different plans which can help you save for your retirement.

To know more about saving for your retirement in UAE, call me on +97150-2285405 or write to me on damodhar.mata@nexusadvice.com.

If you have a specific question about retirement saving or other aspects of Financial Planning, you can arrange a Free Consultation.

Click Here to Arrange a Free Consultation

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