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06-Apr-2021 06:30:00
Simple Tips For Budgeting, Shopping And Saving During Ramadan 2021

While the holy month of Ramadan is associated with fasting, prayer, giving and connecting with family and friends, it is also associated with a significant increase...

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18-Dec-2020 07:45:00
How to conduct a Year-end Financial Review?

Every year many trading and manufacturing firms all over the world close for a day or two for an annual stock taking.

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28-Nov-2017 17:06:33
Free Budget Planner 2020 - Exclusive for UAE Residents.

A Budget Planner that actually works!

It is the beginning of a fresh new year. Time to draw your family budget for 2020. 

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10-Jun-2017 19:59:00
How to Save more in UAE?

What brings you to UAE?

I usually ask this question to every expat I meet, and I meet as many as 5 - 10 every week.

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20-Mar-2017 21:23:44
How to keep your budget on track? - Financial Planning in Dubai

Now that you've created your budget, how do you keep it on track?

The key is in diligently recording and tracking your expenses to understand your spending habits.


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02-Feb-2016 16:35:00
Free Personal Balance Sheet Template / Net-worth Statement

What is a Personal Balance Sheet?

It is a statement which helps you clearly see, where you stand financially on a particular date?

It shows how much you own and...

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06-Sep-2015 12:56:39
How to Create a Budget? - Financial Planning in Dubai

A Personal Budget is the fundamental & indispensable constituent of long-term Financial Success of an Individual.

Contrary to the popular understanding; the purpose...

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05-Sep-2015 16:50:00
Benefits of Budgeting - Financial Planning in Dubai

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”- Dave Ramsey

What is Budgeting?

Budgeting can be defined as the process of...

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