Benefits of Budgeting - Financial Planning in Dubai

“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”- Dave Ramsey

Benefits of BudgetingWhat is Budgeting?

Budgeting can be defined as the process of deciding in advance and earmarking money for expected and unexpected expenses.

A budget helps us make the best use of the money we earn, so that we not only have enough for today, but we also are able to keep some for tomorrow.

It is a spending plan, ensuring that you always have enough to spend for the things you planned for…

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Benefits of Budgeting

  • A Budget helps you make better financial decisions and avoid financial mistakes..
  • It helps you keep your expenses in control and avoid impulsive shopping.
  • It keeps you focussed on your regular needs and long term goals
  • A budget keeps you organised helping you pay bills regularly and on time
  • It helps you be prepared for the unexpected financial expenses and emergencies. People who do not budget are 10 times more likely to postpone or cut down on medical care!!!
  • Increases your earnings, savings and investments - People who budget are likely to have twice the liquid assets in comparison to non budgeters
  • Helps you become and stay debt free
  • Helps you give back to the society and the needs, people who budget are more likely to contribute to charity, than people who do not...
  • Helps you realise your dreams earlier than you thought was possible, hence live a happier life..
  • Helps you retire earlier than you thought was possible and with more money. Budgeters are likely to have twice the amount of savings for retirement than non budgeters
  • Helps you live a happy and fulfilled life
  • Helps you leave a legacy, so that you are remembered even after you are gone...

What about you, do you have a personal budget?

If not, start today and budget your way to financial independence and peace...

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