Zurich Insurance Dubai - Life, Savings & Investment Solutions.

Zurich International is a leading international insurance and investment provider. 

They serve clients in more than 210 countries for the last 140 years. In the Middle East, they are operating for more than three decades, from UAE, Bahrain, and Qatar.

zurich insurance dubai

Zurich International Life Ltd is fully licensed and regulated by the UAE Insurance Authority. They have offices in Emaar Square, DIFC, and Abu Dhabi.

They are a leading provider of savings, and investment solutions to individuals, SMEs, and large Corporates.

Is Zurich a good insurance company?

As they say, The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

Likewise, one of the most important assessment parameters of an insurance company is its claim ratio.

Zurich's current claim settlement ratio is 98.10%,  The balance of 1.90% of claims was unpaid due to non-disclosure or fraud, as stated on their website.

According to their 2021 Customer Benefits Paid Report, they have paid USD136 Million as claims in the middle east during 2018-2020, including deaths due to Covid-19.

Click here to view the 2021 Customer Benefits Paid Report for more insights on the claims paid by them.

Also, their after-sales service is up to international standards. 

The following video highlights the history of Zurich International Life in UAE, their core value, and principles. 


Zurich Insurance Dubai - Life and Savings Solutions for Individuals

Life Insurance with Critical Illness Benefit and other Riders:

In UAE Zurich Insurance has three award-winning protection plans;

  1. Futura - Unit Linked - International Whole of Life Insurance
  2. International Term Assurance (ITA) - Portable and affordable, level-term life insurance
  3. Stand Alone Critical Illness Cover
  4. Decreasing term insurance for Mortgage and other liability protection
  5. Zurich YourLIfe - UAE's first Online Insurance Policy 
Regular Savings and Lump-sum Investment Plans
  • Vista:  Regular Savings Plan - Providing access to a diverse list of Mirror funds helping you accumulate wealth, beat inflation, and mitigate market risks
  • Wealth Accumulation Plan: Lump-Sum Investment Plan - providing access to a comprehensive choice of direct funds, suiting your preference and risk appetite.
  • Simple Wealth: Simple Wealth as the name suggests is a simple and easy platform to protect and grow wealth. It provides access to Funds that are invested across asset classes, market sectors, and geographies; structured to suit five specific investor profiles: Defensive, Cautious, Blue Chip (balanced), Performance, and Adventurous. 
Zurich International - Life and Pension Solutions for Businesses
  1. Keyman Insurance - To ensure business continuity in the event of death, disability, or Critical Illness to a key employee of a business
zurich insurance
  1. Partnership Insurance - To protect business continuity in case of death or serious illness of a partner
  2. Liability Protection - To cover debts signed by partners and directors on behalf of the firm/company
  3. Corporate Life and Pensions 

Free Personal Consultation

As Qualified & Independent Financial Advisor, I can provide impartial and expert advice, helping you choose from the wide choice of plans available in UAE to address your protection needs and financial goals.

Click here to arrange a Free Online Consultation 

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