Wealth Poem - By Randy Vining

21-Jun-2021 13:16:47
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You would have read many poems on love and many other aspects of life, but have you read a poem on Wealth creation and financial independence?I stumbled upon this beautiful poem by Randy Vining on Wealth and I am sharing it here

This poem is simple and a complete lesson on Wealth creation and Financial Independence.

I am going to print this and pin it next to my work table as a constant reminder.

If you like this poem, please share it with your friends and colleagues as well.

Wealth poem by Randy Vining

Wealth…is like a leaky bucket beneath a water spout.
The running water is the income, expense, is the leakage out.

And the measure of your wealth is,
How long could you hold out if some sadness fortune turned off the water spout?

Most folks focus on the spigot seeking increase of the flow…
I focus my attention on the leaky stand below.

I have sought to plug my bucket. Reducing my expenses,
holding in my savings like a cowboy mending fences.

With patience I waited for bargains, didn’t count on Lady Luck.
Lived well below my means, getting bang for every buck.

And when the water rising in my bucket reached that calculated mark,
I left behind all drudgery and flew off like a lark…

So I think my wealth is great because my needs are small,
and I won’t have to work again with any luck at all.


can purchase freedom, if you have the guts to buy it.
I know folks with beaucoup bucks too afraid to try it.

But I purchased freedom with the savings in my pail,
and across highway seas of adventure…

in my land yacht, I will sail.


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