Why only In America, Why not an International Life Insurance Day?

02-May-2021 12:30:33
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International Life Insurance Day

We identify International days to raise awareness on many important things like Cancer, Climate change, Yoga, Diabetes, and laughter etc.,

We also have international days to celebrate less essential things like Nutella, Surfing, Hugs and Emojis.

But is there an International Day to raise awareness on the importance of Life Insurance?

It appears there isn't! 

I was awfully surprised when I realised this. 

Not sure how so many life insurance companies around the world did not think of championing this cause.

However, in America, the 2nd of May each year is observed as the National Life Insurance Day, which marks the anniversary of the first day life insurance became available in the United States.

Why buy Life Insurance?

While life insurance would seem like an unnecessary expense when things are going well, it can be pretty helpful when things go wrong. 

  1. To begin with, It can buy your loved one's time to grieve. 
  2. It can pay off your debts and loans.
  3. Help your family purchase a new home or keep the one they already have.
  4. It can also help them maintain a decent lifestyle and afford quality healthcare.
  5. Send children to school and university, shaping their future.
  6. Support your ageing parents when you're not around
  7. And many more things not listed above.

Despite all the benefits and rigorous attempts by fellow financial advisors and insurance agents worldwide, people remain uninsured or underinsured.

People discount our efforts in this regard as attempts to sell insurance and make a living, which is valid to a certain extent, but it is also a win-win contract.

People buy homes. People buy cars; they buy phones, buy many things, and buy a lot, but it isn't ironic that more life insurance is sold than bought worldwide?

So I implore you all to speak to your family and friends today and whenever possible to ensure that they are adequately insured.

International Life Insurance Day

Why only in America?

I am proposing that we observe the 2nd of May as International Day of Life Insurance to raise awareness on the benefits of being adequately insured.

Please share this with your family, friends and colleagues and encourage them to consider buying life insurance if they haven't already.

Also, make sure that you are adequately insured as well.

Stay insured. Stay Blessed. 

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