7 key improvements to Zurich Futura benefits in 2018

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. - Helmut Schmidt

Zurich International Life has made some useful Improvements to their Whole of Life Insurance Plan - Futura.

While it is the flagship protection plan of Zurich in UAE, they have made this proposition more attractive by adding the following seven useful new benefits. 

1. Second Opinion by Best Doctors

In the event of diagnosis of a major ailment, the insured or his immediate family members(Spouse and Children) can avail a free second opinion from Best Doctors. 

"Best Doctors was founded with the specific goal of providing expert, independent clinical analysis to the people who need it most, regardless of their physical location. Over more than 28 years, Best Doctors has defined a market and built a global network to continue the mission of identifying and taking on the most complex, critical and costly cases, wherever they may occur."


2. Inclusion of Cancer Cover

According to the recent claim statistics of Zurich in the Middle East, Cancer is the second largest reason for critical illness claims.

Some people are unable to avail themselves of comprehensive critical illness coverage due to affordability reasons or due to some pre-existing health conditions; the cancer cover inclusion can benefit such individuals.

They can avail the cancer coverage for lower premiums and protect themselves and their families from loss of income due to cancer.

3. Increase Children's Critical Illness Coverage to $15,000

In the previous version of Zurich Futura, the children's critical illness benefit was the lower of $10,000 or 10% of the critical illness cover of the insured parent.

Now, this limit has been increased to the lower of $15,000 or 10% of the critical illness cover of the insured parent.

4. Pre-approved increase of cover for Major Life Events

We all go through major life events such as marriage, having children, buying a property, and promotion with significant increases in income.

With the new Zurich Futura, you get a pre-approved limit of $100,000 for increasing your cover on the occurrence of a major life event.

This increase can be availed in full during one event or gradually availed as new developments happen.

No additional underwriting or medical evidence is necessary for such an increase in cover.

5. Advance Payment for Funeral & Ancillary Expenses

We all know that in the event of the death of an expat in UAE, their bank accounts are frozen, and the family might not have access to cash to manage during the period of crisis.

To help the insured's family manage such a situation, Zurich International Life will pay in advance $7500 from the life cover without having to wait for the claim to be processed and admitted.

6. Increased allocation of Lump-sum Investments

Futura can be availed by paying premiums regularly or a  Single Premium. It can also be availed with a combination of both regular and lump-sum premium payments.

You can also pay ad hoc lump sums to increase the sustainability of the plan.

Now, the allocation of the lump-sum investments has been increased to 91% from 84% previously.

This means more money is being invested and less is being taken as charges.

7. Full Life cover will be paid in the event of Terminal illness

In the previous version, the insured on the diagnosis of a Terminal illness was paid in advance up to $1,000,000 from their life-cover. Now, this has been increased to the payment of full life cover in the event of diagnosis of a Terminal Illness.


Adequate Protection should be the cornerstone of each person's financial planning. Zurich Futura is ideal for addressing the protection needs of both expats and the local population of the UAE. The recent improvements(Summarised Below) have made the proposition more compelling and affordable;

  1. Second Opinion by Best Doctors
  2. Inclusion of Cancer Cover
  3. Increase in Children's Critical Illness Cover
  4. Pre-approved Increase for major life events
  5. Advance payment of $7,500 for funeral expenses
  6. Increased allocation for Lump-sum investments
  7. Full life cover paid on diagnosis of Terminal Illness

The following video highlights the benefits of Futura International Whole of Life Insurance


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