Hemaya Plus - Family Takaful / Best Islamic Iife Insurance in UAE

Hemaya Plus is a Life Takaful / Islamic Insurance Term Plan with unique riders from Salama - an Islamic Arab Insurance company.

Hemaya Plus from Salama It provides a Comprehensive and Affordable Family Takaful Coverage with Unique Riders.

UAE residents can avail of this Life takaful plan on a Single life or Joint life basis.

Salama is well known as the world's largest Takaful and Re-Takaful company, established in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Senegal, Jordan, Tunisia, Algeria, and Malaysia.

In UAE, Salama offers Family Takaful Plans, Investment Plans for Retirement and Education savings, and other general protection plans.

What is Hemaya Plus?

Hemaya Plus is a Family Takaful Term Plan. It is similar to conventional term insurance but built on strict Sharia principles and approved by Sharia boards in the respective countries it operates.

It is designed to pay out;

  • An agreed Family Takaful Benefit in the event of death or diagnosis of a terminal illness of the covered member during the term of the plan.
  • An agreed cash lump sum is paid on diagnosis of a critical illness covered by the policy if the benefit has been availed at the inception of the policy.

How does the Plan work?

Hemaya Plus is a simple and straightforward fixed-term Takaful Plan. It provides life takaful and other rider benefits during the term of the plan.

Once the term is complete, there is no further cover, and there is no maturity value or cash surrender value.

What are the minimum and maximum terms of cover?

  • Minimum age at the start of the plan must be 18 years
  • Maximum age at the start of the plan cannot be later than 74 years
  • Maximum age at expiry cannot be more than 100

Features of Hemaya Plus Takaful Plan / Islamic Insurance

  • Resident Individuals or corporations can avail of this plan
  • You can avail the plan in AED or USD
  • Payments can be single or regular
  • Premium options are Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual or Yearly

Additional Benefits or Riders of Hemaya Plus Takaful Plan 

  1. Accidental Death Benefit, in addition to basic life cover for individuals who are prone to accidents at work or travel extensively
  2. Critical Illness Benefit - Covers up to 36 Critical Illnesses for up to USD 1.25 Million
  3. Permanent and Total Disability Benefit
  4. Waiver of Contribution
  5. Accidental Total or Partial Disability Benefit
  6. Family Income Benefit, a unique rider paying out regular cash for an agreed term on the death of the covered member

Why Choose Hemaya Plus Term Plan?

  1. Offers Unique riders like Family Income Benefit
  2. Term Plan offering cover unto age 100
  3. Offers Accidental Total or Permanent Disability Benefits
  4. Affordable Premium
  5. Approved by Sharia boards

To learn more about Hemaya Plus Term Life Takaful Plan, Click here to schedule a quick call or a free initial meeting.

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