5 ways how Zurich Futura can adapt changes in your life?

Flexibility is a key feature of Zurich Futura insurance policy, enabling it to adapt to your changing life situations.

It ensures peace of mind at every stage of your life; by protecting you and your family in the way you want it to.

The following are the five ways how Zurich Futura can adapt to your changing life situations; after taking the policy.

1. Increase or Decrease in Cover Amount 

Zurich Futura - Increase or Decrease in Cover Amount

You may change the cover amounts of your Futura, depending on your protection needs. 

Your life insurance needs may increase or decrease, depending on various life events like;

  • Birth of a child
  • Increase in income
  • Immigration to another country
  • Starting or acquiring of a new business
  • Availing or closing a mortgage or some other liability
  • Completion of children's higher education
  • Retirement

You may also change the cover amounts of the riders like Critical Illness Benefit, Disability, Family Income Benefit etc...


Inflation not only affects your savings, it also has a major impact on your life insurance as well. Indexation is an easy fix to mitigate the risk of inflation on your Futura plan.

You can also set up the policy at the inception on indexation basis, thus increasing the life cover and other benefits by 5% every year.

Please note that by doing this the premiums will also increase by 5% every year.

The indexation of the benefits happens till age 55.

Also, note that this benefit is only applicable if you chose to pay Whole of Life Premiums.

2. Addition or Removal of Riders

zurich-futra-benefitsYou may include or remove the optional riders to your Futura to suit your protection needs.

For Eg: You might feel the need for the Additional Accidental Death benefit, due to a change in your employment, involving more travel or increase in the probability of an accident.

In this situation, you may also want to consider the addition of the dismemberment benefit.

Some people choose to include the family income benefit, after having a child, to make sure the regular living expenses are taken care of in the event of a death of the primary earning member of the family.

People who did not avail Critical Illness Benefit at the inception, may latter feel the need of the same. Hence they can include it.

Just like addition os possible, removal of benefits is also possible.

3. Increase or Decrease of Cover Term 

You can avail a Futura plan on one of the following terms;

1. Whole of Life Term

2. Minimum Term - 20 years

3. Custom Term - Between 20 years and Whole of Life

A client who has availed a Futura on a whole of life term can reduce the cover term to a specific age depending on his protection needs. His premiums would reduce in this case.

Likewise, a client who has availed a Futura for a minimum term or custom term can increase the cover term by a specific number of years by paying a higher premium

4. Premium Holiday Facility


Our priorities change form time to time, and if you need to put your policy 

premiums on hold for a specific term, you can do so, without compromising on the life cover and other benefits.

After four years of premium payment; you can avail a premium holiday facility provided there are sufficient funds in the policy to sustain the cost of insurance during the period.

5. Full Surrender of the Plan

You can surrender your Futura Life Insurance to receive the cash value of the plan if you feel that you no longer need the life cover and other benefits of your plan.

The surrender values are usually very low in the initial years, as this is not an investment plan.

It is primarily an insurance plan with built-in investment, to help it sustain for a long term.

In the event of early surrender, the benefits will be no longer applicable.


Given the above-discussed flexibilities, Zurich Futura can easily adapt to your changing life situations. However, do consult your financial advisor to understand the implications of change you want on your plan.

Or if you prefer, contact me to have an unbiased discussion on the pros and cons of making specific changes to your Futura Life Insurance Plan.

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