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19-Sep-2019 14:05:43
4 Key Changes To Zurich Futura Life  Insurance

Many would argue that Zurich Futura is the best Whole of Life Insurance in UAE, and they may be right as well. 

“No matter how good you get, you can always get...

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10-Jun-2019 18:03:27
6 silly mistakes to avoid when buying life insurance in UAE.

Increase in Awareness

Thanks to the advent of Technology and Social Media, the awareness of Life Insurance has largely increased in the last few years.


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08-Oct-2018 11:40:37
Zurich YourLife - Online Insurance Plan

First in UAE

Zurich International Life for the first time in UAE has launched an online insurance plan called "YourLife" exclusively distributed by Nexus Insurance...

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20-Sep-2018 18:52:48
Top 5 Term Insurance plans in UAE |How to find the best life insurance

What is Term Insurance?

Term Insurance is a simple risk-cover plan having no cash surrender or maturity value.

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29-Aug-2018 18:09:47
How Is Zurich Futura Family Income Benefit useful?

Zurich Futura Family Income Benefit(FIB)

Futura is a flexible, whole of life insurance policy. It is designed to pay a cash lump sum on death. You can also choose...

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26-Oct-2017 17:33:06
Zurich Futura -Terms and Conditions - Updated as of June 2018

The good thing about Zurich Futura's Term and Conditions booklet that it is not a fine print!

All the aspects of the plan and its scope are thoroughly defined. The...

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18-Dec-2013 13:59:31
Pros & Cons of Unit Linked Insurance Plans(ULIP) | Financial Planning in Dubai

In UAE, Unit Linked Plans are available as Whole of Life Insurance.

International Life Insurance companies Like Zurich International Life, MetLife and Salama offer...

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