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Written by Money Mata - aka - Damodhar Mata
on September 20, 2018

Term Insurance is an uncomplicated risk-cover plan having no cash surrender or maturity value.

It covers you for a specific number of years and pays out the cover amount(Sum Assured) in the event of the death during the term of the plan.

Why buy Term Insurance in UAE?

Till a few years back, people mostly were keen on buying endowment plans, which paid back the premiums along with a specific bonus on maturity.

Term Insurance has become popular in the of late, thanks to the awareness created on the Internet by fellow bloggers, Financial Forums and Social Media.

Before we look at the list of Top 5 Term Insurance in UAE, it is essential to understand why we should buy Term Life Insurance in the first place.

The following are some reasons why expats are more keen to buy Term Insurance in UAE than other types of Insurance;

Business Man looking at his wallet
  • International Cover including the United States of America
  • Lower premiums in comparison to Endowment and Whole of Life Plans.
    • The premium for Term Insurance in UAE can be as low as $17.50 per month.
    • Easily affordable by all sections of the society
    • You can buy more of it to cover all your protection needs
    • As the premiums of term insurance are relatively low, you can use the difference to address other financial goals like retirement, Children’s Higher Education, Property Purchase and Debt Pay Off.
  • Easy to Understand - No complications, No ambiguities - Guaranteed cover during the term of the plan
  • Fixed Premiums - Life Insurance premiums in UAE are fixed for the whole duration of the plan
  • Ideal for protecting specific needs like Liability/Mortgage Cover, to cover children’s higher education, to support ageing parents or other dependents and for protecting business continuity / Keyman Insurance.
  • Choice of additional riders like
    • Critical Illness benefit
    • Permanent Total Disability
    • Accidental Death Benefit
    • Family Income Benefit

Top 5 Term Insurance Plans in UAE

Now that we understand the scope and benefits of Term Insurance in UAE, we can now look at the Top 5 plans from various insurance companies in UAE.

Successful diverse young business team giving a victorious thumbs up to show their success and motivation, close up view of their raised hands

Option 1 - International Term Assurance(ITA) from Zurich International Life Ltd.

First on the list is the term insurance plan from Zurich International Life. This plan provides a cover for a maximum term of 35 years and covers up to age 80. Zurich can boast of an outstanding claim settlement ratio and also they have the best in the industry after sales service.

Click here to know more about International Term Assurance from Zurich International Life.

Option 2 - Live Life from MetLife

Next on the list is the Live Life term plan from MetLife UAE. It provides financial protection for you and your family when you are unable to provide for them, due to critical illness or death.

This plan gives you two options to choose from;

  1. 5-year Renewable Term Plan: Plan can be renewed every five years or can be converted anytime during the first ten policy years to whole life or endowment plan.
  2. Level Term: A regular term plan with a maximum term of 25 years  

In addition to the usual riders like Permanent Total Disability(PTD), Accident Care and Accidental Death Benefit Live Life provides a Unique rider called Forever Plan.

It is an additional benefit provides the insured a lifetime monthly income (minimum guaranteed period of 20 years) in case of Permanent Partial Disability or Permanent Total Disability resulting from Accident or Sickness.

Option 3 - International Protector Middle East(IPME) from Friends Provident International.

International Protector Middle East is an award-winning Term Insurance plan from Friends Provident International. It provides you with three different cover options to choose from:

  1. stand-alone life cover
  2. stand-alone critical illness cover;
  3. life cover or earlier critical illness cover

The premiums for IPME are very affordable, and they start at $17.50 per month.

Free Second Opinion

Friends Provident International (FPI) also provide the world-class second medical opinion service provided by ‘Best Doctors®’, as a free additional benefit to their International Protector Middle East (IPME) plan.


Click here to know more about IPME from FPI.

Option 4 - Healthee - Term Insurance Plan from LIC International

Healthee is a Term plan from LIC International providing a choice of riders in addition to the life cover, including;

  • Critical Illnesses Benefit
  • daily hospitalisation benefits
  • total and permanent disability cover

It provides life cover for a maximum term of 35 years or up to age 70, whichever is lower.

Option 5 - Hemaya Plus - Family Takaful Term Plan from Salama

SALAMA – Islamic Arab Insurance Company is a leading provider of Shari’ah compliant Takaful solutions around the world. Hemaya Plus is a Term plan with the following unique benefits;

  • Maximum Age at expiry – 100 Years
  • Family Income Benefit
  • Accidental Total or Partial Permanent Disability
  • Choice of Single or Regular monthly/quarterly/half yearly/yearly Contribution

It an ideal solution for residents looking for Shari’a approved protection plan.

Click here to know more about Hemaya Plus Family Takaful Plan from Salama.

Expert Unbiased Advice & Free Consultation

As an Independent Financial Advisor with more than 15 years experience, I can provide unbiased & expert advice helping you choose the best term insurance to address your protection needs.

Arrange a free initial consultation for a detailed report on your protection needs and appropriate recommendations.

Click Here to Arrange a Free Consultation


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