How to protect against loss of income due to Critical Illness?

A major critical illness like Cancer, Heart attack, or Stroke can take a long time for recovery, mostly leading to prolonged loss of income.

During this period of diagnosis and recovery, usual living expenses continue, while additional medical expenses pile up.

Loss of income in this scenario can be devastating and can cause a lot of trauma for you and your family.

Alarming Critical Illness Statistics

While these statistics are alarming, they fail to indicate the fate of the survivors of these dreadful diseases.

They also fail to highlight the financial struggle endured by the survivors.

Most of us fail to consider the financial implications of surviving a major illness like a Heart attack or Cancer… 

Advancements in the medical profession have resulted in vast improvements in survival rates following critical illnesses.

shutterstock_130138823.jpgWhile this progress is much appreciated, it has resulted in millions of previously self-sufficient individuals struggling to meet their financial commitments, denting their confidence, and crashing their dreams.

Is there a solution to this? yes, there is!

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance provides the much-required financial support by providing a Cash Lump sum if you are diagnosed with one of the illnesses defined in the policy conditions.

The following video was on Youtube and it clearly explains the importance of critical illness insurance;

Leading insurance providers like Zurich, Friends Provident, Salama, & MetLife offer plans that cover as many as 36 critical illnesses.

Critical Illness Insurance in Dubai

These are international plans, so you don’t have to worry, whether you would be covered when you return to your home country.

Click Here to know more about Friends Provident International’s Term Insurance with Critical Illness Benefits

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Claims Procedure

The claim submission procedure of these plans is quite simple and does not involve submitting medical bills or availing treatment from an approved list of hospitals.

As these are international plans, you can continue to be covered even after moving out of UAE and can submit a claim in UAE, without having to visit UAE.

If an approved Medical Practitioner certifies along with relevant medical reports the diagnosis of a critical illness, the claim is paid by the insurance companies.

Any resident of UAE can avail a life or earlier Critical Illness plan, for as low as 100 Dirhams a month, and protect themselves from a financial disaster due to a serious illness.

Some of the ailments covered by Critical Illness Plans in UAE are;

critical illness listWhile Critical Illness Insurance can’t stop death or serious illness; it can help in dealing with the consequences a lot easier.

Many of us already insure our homes, our pets, even our fridges, freezers, and mobile phones!

So why not insure ourselves?

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