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22-Jul-2014 16:12:00
Zurich Futura Critical Illness List - Updated with details

This post provides the updated Zurich Futura Critical Illness List.

What is Critical illness Benefit?

The critical illness benefit of Zurich Futura, aims to protect...

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15-Jul-2014 16:07:25
Zurich Futura insurance With Enhanced Living Benefits

Zurich International Life (ZIL) has recently launched an updated and enhanced version of Zurich Futura, their Whole of life insurance plan with attractive living...

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18-Jun-2014 10:29:56
Retirement at 30, Is it possible? - Financial Planning in Dubai

While we all look forward to establish a rewarding career at age 30, can somebody  think about retirement?

 Meet Mr. Money Mustache from Canada, who has cracked the...

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15-Jun-2014 11:48:04
"Keep calm there is no bubble" - Financial Planning in Dubai

According to a giant poster on a building in Dubai Marina, there is no property bubble in Dubai, I don't think so!!!

What are your thoughts?

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04-Jan-2014 12:12:57
Business Credit Insurance in Dubai - Explained with Video - Financial Planning in Dubai

Credit Insurance is used to protect Business receivables, or the amounts due to a company for goods supplied on credit.

What is Credit Insurance?

Credit insurance,...

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24-Dec-2013 18:29:02
Practical guide & tools for setting & achieving goals in 2014

At the beginning of each year, we get all charged up. Put together a list of resolutions, hoping to achieve them during the year.

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18-Dec-2013 13:59:31
Pros & Cons of Unit Linked Insurance Plans(ULIP) | Financial Planning in Dubai

In UAE, Unit Linked Plans are available as Whole of Life Insurance.

International Life Insurance companies Like Zurich International Life, MetLife and Salama offer...

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27-Nov-2013 16:46:57
6 Steps for a Guilt free and Debt Free Vacation.

With the holiday season just around the corner, most of us are already planning for our vacations. I bet most of us have already booked the air tickets and are busy...

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