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06 Sep 2018
Guaranteed Investments | 5 min read

Regular Cashflow Plan from LIC International

LIC International - Regular Cashflow Plan can help you grow wealth and...

29 Jun 2018

LIC International Double Cover Endowment Plan Review

The Double Cover Endowment Plan from LIC International is a fine blend...

24 Apr 2018
Guaranteed Investments | 2 min read

LIC International Future Secure Guaranteed Return Plan

Future Secure Guaranteed Return Plan (Plan no. 242) is a single paymen...

03 Feb 2018

5 reasons why LIC International Pension Plan is the best in UAE!

Being able to retire with sufficient wealth and income is one of the m...

02 Dec 2017

Endowment Policy - Understanding the Benefits and Limitations. - Financial Planning in Dubai

An Endowment policy is like a savings plan with life cover. It provide...

02 Dec 2017

5 reasons to invest in LIC International Participating Endowment Plan (PEN - 202)

The Participating Endowment Plan ( PEN - 202) is a top-rated savings c...

15 Nov 2017

Capital Protected Regular Saving Plans from LIC International

LIC International offers attractive Regular Saving Plans with Capital ...

05 Jul 2017

6 reasons to invest in LIC international Professional Education Plan in UAE. - Financial Planning in Dubai

Professional Education Plan (PEP) is a unique proposition by LIC Inter...

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