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Written by Money Mata - aka - Damodhar Mata
on April 24, 2018

Future Secure Guaranteed Return Plan (Plan no. 242) is a single payment plan for a fixed period of 3 years from LIC International


This plan is ideal if you are looking to park your money for a short period of 3 years, without worrying about capital risks. This plan also provides a guaranteed return as well. 


Future Secure Guaranteed Return Plan has a basic sum assured of $2500 with flexible one time Top Up facility.


A Guaranteed bonus(presently calculated @$30 for $1000 Per Anum ) on the premium invested is paid on the maturity of the plan

In the event of the death of the insured before the maturity of the plan, the basic sum assured + top-up premium + the vested guaranteed addition till the date of death is paid to the beneficiary.


Minimum Limit
Maximum Limit
Basic Sum Assured
USD 2500
USD 500,000
Top Up Premium
USD 10,000
USD 500,000
Age Entry
15 years (Completed)
70 years (nearer birthday)
Age at Maturity
73 years (nearer birthday)
3 Years
Mode of Premium Payment
Single Premium


Policy Loan

You can avail a loan against your policy after completing one year of investment in the plan


As stated above this plan is ideal if you are looking to park your money for 3 years without capital risk at the same time you want to earn some returns as well. 

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