Zurich Simple Wealth | Low-cost Lump Sum Investment Plan in UAE |Review

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Zurich Simple Wealth, as the name suggests is a simple & straightforward lump-sum investment plan helping you grow Wealth. 

It is also the most affordable lump sum investment offered by an insurance company in UAE.

This plan has 3 unique features simplifying the investment process, without compromising on the possible returns form the investment.

The following video gives you a brief idea of the simplicity and  effectiveness of the plan;

The 3 unique features are as follows;

1. Low Initial Investment & Flexible Adhoc Investment

You can start this plan with as low as $15,000 or AED 55,162.50 and add additional premiums of $1,500 or more as and when you prefer.

2. Right and Robust Choice of Investment Funds

The Simple Wealth Plan has a small but very robust choice of Zurich Managed Funds to match your investment goals and risk appetite.

Zurich Simple Wealth - Managed Funds.pngThe following are the 5 funds you can choose from;

      • Defensive Fund - USD - Ideal for capital protection - Up to 20% equity exposure in blue chip stocks and the balance in developed market bonds
      • Cautious Fund - USD - Ideal for capital protection and growth higher than bank returns - Up to 40% equity exposure and the balance in developed market bonds
      • Blue Chip Fund - USD - Balanced - Up to 60% exposure in Blue Chip Stocks and the balance in developed market bonds
      • Performance Fund - USD - Semi Aggressive - Ideal for medium to long term growth - Up to 80% exposure in Blue Chip Stocks
      • Adventurous Fund - USD - Aggressive - Ideal for long term growth - up to 100% exposure in Blue Chip Stocks

Click the following links to download the investment guides 

3. No Fixed Term or Contract - Stay Invested as long as you want.

This is a plan with open maturity, you can remain invested in this plan for as long as you want, however, surrender charges apply during the first 3 years only.

The surrender charges during the first 3 years are as follows;

Zurich Simple Wealth - Surrender Charges

For more information about the Simple Wealth Plan download the Key Features  Document using the following link;

Simple Wealth Zurich - Summary & Review

  • This plan is ideal for investors looking for a simple but effective investment strategy.
  • As the funds are managed by Zurich, there is no need for frequent review or rebalancing of the investment strategy(especially Bluechip, Performance & Adventurous)
  • The low initial investment($15,000) and ad-hoc additional investment(1,500) can be very helpful for investors who do not want to enter into a contract 
  • No surrender charges after 3 years seals the deal by providing full access to your funds at the end of 3 years. 

Independent & Professional Advice

As Qualified and independent financial adviser a have more than ten years experience in helping UAE residents make informed decisions with their money.

I work with many insurance and investment providers; hence I can provide unbiased & expert advice.

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