One of the best Lumpsum Investment plans in UAE - Zurich Simple Wealth

Zurich Simple Wealth, as the name suggests is a simple & straightforward lump-sum investment plan helping you grow Wealth. 

It is ideal for both beginners and seasoned investors looking to invest for short, medium, or long-term goals.

Affordable Lumpsum Investment Plan

It is also the most affordable lump sum investment offered by an insurance company in UAE.

This plan has 3 unique features simplifying the investment process, without compromising on the possible returns from the investment.

The following video gives you a brief idea of the simplicity and  effectiveness of the plan;

The 3 unique features are as follows;

1. Low Initial Investment & Flexible Adhoc Investment

You can start this plan with as low as $15,000 or AED 55,162.50 and add additional premiums of $1,500 or more as and when you prefer.

2. Robust Choice of Investment Funds 

In todays' digital age, investment platforms are literally drowning you with overwhelming choice, making it difficult to build a portfolio for short, medium and, long-term goals. The Simple Wealth has a small but very robust choice of Zurich Managed Funds to match your investment goals and risk appetite.

Zurich Simple Wealth - Managed Funds.pngThe following are the 5 funds you can choose from;

      • Defensive Fund - USD - Ideal for capital protection - Up to 20% equity exposure in blue-chip stocks and the balance in developed market bonds. This fund can also be used during periods of uncertainly to park the funds in safe haven.
      • Cautious Fund - USD - Ideal for capital protection and growth higher than bank returns - Up to 40% equity exposure and the balance in developed market bonds. 
      • Blue Chip Fund - USD - Balanced - Up to 60% exposure in Blue Chip Stocks and the balance in developed market bonds
      • Performance Fund - USD - Semi Aggressive - Ideal for medium to long term growth - Up to 80% exposure in Blue Chip Stocks
      • Adventurous Fund - USD - Aggressive - Ideal for long term growth - up to 100% exposure in Blue Chip Stocks

Click the following links to download the investment guides 

3. No Fixed Term or Contract - Stay Invested as long as you want.

This is a plan with open maturity, you can remain invested in this plan for as long as you want, however, surrender charges apply during the first 3 years only.

The surrender charges during the first 3 years are as follows;

Zurich Simple Wealth - Surrender Charges

For more information about the Simple Wealth Plan download the Key Features  Document using the following link;

Simple Wealth Zurich - Summary & Review

  • This plan is ideal for investors looking for a simple but effective investment strategy.
  • As the funds are managed by Zurich, there is no need for frequent review or rebalancing of the investment strategy(especially Bluechip, Performance & Adventurous)
  • The low initial investment($15,000) and ad-hoc additional investment(1,500) can be very helpful for investors who do not want to enter into a contract 
  • No surrender charges after 3 years, seals the deal by providing full access to your funds at the end of 3 years. 

Independent & Professional Advice

As a Qualified and independent financial advisor, I have more than ten years of experience in helping UAE residents make informed decisions with their money.

I work with many insurance and investment providers; hence I can provide unbiased & expert advice.

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