How to take charge of your expenses in the New normal?

04-May-2020 15:43:32
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The New Normal

This whole COVID-19 crisis will end, sooner than later. But when it ends, For sure “Life Will Never Be the Same Again.”

Many things will change, starting with our values, our vision for the future and our priorities in life. 

When values, vision and priorities change, they impact almost every aspect of our life, like work, family, community, income and expenses. While many of these factors may not be in our control, our expenses can be controlled to a large extent.

An Important Lesson

During the Lockdown or movement restrictions, we spent much less than what we would typically do, Isn’t it? 

We cut down on many expenses, which we thought were essential in the past, only to realize that we can survive without them. This crisis has taught us An Important Lesson that we can live on much less than we could ever imagine. 

How to make sure that we don’t forget this lesson when things get better?

Take Charge

Helping you estimate how your expenses can be or should be in the New Normal is the objective of this blog post. I have created a simple excel template to help you take charge. 

Fill in the form below to download the Take Charge Template.

How to use this template?

  1. Begin with listing all your annual and monthly expenses before COVID-19 in the Green Cells.
  2. Decide which expenses you want to keep, and which ones to stop
  3. If an expense continues, estimate if it will increase or decrease and by how much.
  4. When you do this for all your expenses; you will have a summary of your total expenses before COVID-19 and the future expenses
  5. This template will show you the potential savings; which you can use to grow wealth, pay off debt or invest in your dreams/ aspirations
  6. Unfortunately, some of us have had to go through a layoff or take a pay cut; if so, you can use this tool to realign your expenses to your emergency savings or reduced income

Go ahead, download this free template by submitting the form below.

Let me know if this is useful, and feel free to share this with your friends, family and colleagues. Help them Take Charge of their New Normal Expenses.



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