How to Retire at 35 - Money Lessons from Ethan Nguonly

I wish someone had taught me this when I was 22!🤔

Twenty-two years old, Ethan Nguonly is on track to retire at 35 with a 5 Million Dollars Retirement Corpus.

His current investment value is $135,000, diversified across his retirement portfolio, real estate, and stocks.

But was it easy for him to get here?

Did he get lucky?

No, he did not...

In fact, he made a few big investment mistakes before getting here😳.

Big Mistakes

He lost $80,000 in cryptocurrency investments and margin trading in 2021 and 2022.

While many would have quit investing or would have gambled more to regain the money they lost.

Ethan Nguonly learned lessons from his mistakes, made amendments, and is on track to make it big.

He spends less than he earns, invests the difference, and stays focused on his early retirement goal.

How to Retire at 35-2

Key Lessons 

The following are the lessons he learned and wants to share with the world;

▶ Plan to retire early and Start Investing for retirement early. There is no point in trying to climb a mountain at 67

► Idle money in a bank will lose value while investing will help grow wealth and achieve financial goals.

► Only invest money you have - Do not borrow or leverage. Leverage is a twin-edged sword. It can multiply profits and losses.

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