5 smart reasons to buy home renters insurance in Dubai

I was catching up with a few colleagues on zoom a few days ago, and we were chatting about how long it has been since we started working from home?

One of them is relatively new, and he had joined in March 2020. Although we work closely on many projects and accounts, we realized that we have not met in person as we continue working from our homes for almost two years now.

This led the conversation around the importance of our homes and how it has become a more significant part of our lives. 

What about you?

Have you realized that your home is much more than a home now?

It is probably your children's school, your office, gym, theatre, your favorite hangout, and much more!

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Since the pandemic, we are spending a lot of time at home, so it is crucial to identify and mitigate the risks your home faces.

In addition to strict adherence to safety measures, it is also essential to have home insurance to ensure complete peace of mind.

Although a home renters insurance cannot protect your home from damage, it can surely mitigate the financial loss. 

What is Home renter's insurance?

Home renter's insurance is a policy that covers the risks of a tenant, their contents, and belongings inside the rented property at a surprisingly low premium.

Five brilliant reasons to buy home renters insurance in Dubai

1. It covers your content: 

You may have spent a ton of money to furnish your home tastefully with useful and aesthetic content. TVs have become smarter and slimmer, while the fridges have become cooler and bigger, they surely must have cost a bomb.

With the home renter's insurance, you can insure the valuable content against loss due to fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake, water leakage, or falling of installed objects, and even damage to contents while moving houses.

Scope of Cover: Furniture, fixtures, large and small kitchen appliances, electronics, white goods, and much more.

2. Worldwide personal belongings cover: 

Your valuables may include Personal Documents (passport, driver's license, etc.,) legal documents, jewelry, watches, musical and sports equipment, mobile phones, and laptops. With home insurance in place, you can be assured that your belongings are covered both inside and outside your home. 

3. Tenant's Liability & Third-Party Liability Cover

Despite diligent safety measures, accidents sometimes happen, which is pretty unfortunate. But having to pay the property owner, your neighbor, or a third party for the damage can be quite a financial setback. You can cover this risk with Renter's insurance at a very nominal cost.

For example, imagine an electrician or carpenter working in your home and they trip over a rug or a toy, causing a fracture!

Or if a visitor or a guest slipped on the wet floor of your living room, breaking their back.

Can you afford to pay for their treatment and/or loss of income?

Your home insurance can come in handy in such situations, as you can have the bills reimbursed in the event of a claim.

4. Alternative Accommodation: 

If your home is rendered uninhabitable due to an accident, then your home insurance could cover the costs of alternative accommodation for up to 12 months. 

5. Domestic Help Cover: 

You can avail of this as an add-on to your Renter's insurance. It covers accidental disability, death, and repatriation of domestic help under your sponsorship.


To summarize, the five smart reasons to buy home renters insurance are;

  1. It covers your content
  2. Provides worldwide personal belongings cover
  3. Covers Tenant's liability and Third Party Liability 
  4. Provides for an alternative accommodation
  5. Provides Domestic help cover

And the icing on the cake is that it is very affordable.

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