Don't step out of your room for a month.

My colleague shared this powerful post by Arun Kumar on LinkedIn. I am sharing this for the benefit of the readers.

"Don't step out of your room for a month. 

Don't take the stairs for 2 months. 

Don't drive for 3 months. 

And there are many more such Don'ts in the list, so John was being told by his Doctor 

John was being discharged after a month at the hospital due to a HeartAttack that nearly got him

 The prescribed list of Dont's was to keep him from going back to the hospital with a 2nd heart attack. 

Now you tell me, will John be able to go to work if he isn't allowed to walk, drive or take the stairs? 

And if he isn't going to work, how will he take care of his monthly bills?

The expenses obviously won't take a 6-month break. John has to pay his rent. 

His mortgage loan EMI back home must be paid.  

The school fees of his kids were due. Auto Loan, CreditCard, Utility & Grocery Bills too have to be paid.

Critical Illness Insurance Dubai

Merely worrying about all this could cause John that dreaded 2nd attack. 

But that's where John's Critical Illness Insurance kicked in.

That benefit helped him maintain the same lifestyle he had prior to the heart attack.

John didn't have to give up on his dreams just because life dealt him a wrong hand.

And when he would be back after a few months of rest & recuperation, his family would definitely be thankful to him for planning ahead.

What about you?

Have you Planned Ahead?"

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