5 Key Reasons to consider Ardan Wealth Platform

When you are looking to invest your savings and grow your wealth, you may have to choose from an overwhelming choice of investments and platforms.

How do you decide which one is most suitable for you?

Ardan Wealth Platform

Here is a simple post to help you understand if the Ardan wealth platform is ideal for you.

What is a wealth platform?

Before we discuss the benefits of the Ardan Wealth Platform, it is essential to understand the basics of a wealth platform.

A Wealth platform is a safe and secure online location where you can hold and manage all investments like Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Structured Products, all in one place.

In simple words, it is a storeroom for your investments. A custodian holds the physical assets, and the digital format is stored on a wealth platform. Here it is easy to buy/sell and manage assets online.

A wealth platform makes it easy for you and your financial Advisor to monitor the portfolio to review and rebalance when necessary.

Why Use a Wealth Platform?

A wealth platform helps you achieve the following objectives of investing;

  1. Accumulation of Capital
  2. Growth of Wealth
  3. Safety of Assets
  4. Passive income from Assets
  5. Liquidity
  6. Tax Efficiency
  7. Portability and international access
  8. Seamless distribution of wealth to your nominees after you.

Why use the Ardan Wealth Platform?

Ardan Wealth Platform

Here are the five key reasons to consider it

Advisor Led

Given the complexities of investments and financial products, having a Financial Advisor Guide you through this maze can be helpful.
Your Financial Advisor can help you create a Holistic Financial Plan and design an investment strategy based on your goals, risk appetite, and preferences.
They can also help you review and rebalance your portfolio regularly to ensure that you are on the right track to achieving your objectives.

Wide choice of investments

Ardan provides access to over 80,000 financial instruments, including Direct Mutual Funds, ETFs Stocks, Bonds, and Structured Notes. You can hold your cash and assets in one or more of the 11 currencies available on the Ardan Wealth Platform.
These assets can help you grow wealth, create passive income or do both.
You can also create multiple portfolios for different financial goals/objectives under the same account.
The Ardan Wealth Platform is transparent and highly competitive on charges. Their online technology increases efficiency and lowers the cost of managing a portfolio.

Free Beneficiary Trust

The Wealth platform comes with a Free Beneficiary Trust. You can appoint a Trustee and Beneficiary to ensure the seamless transfer of your wealth after you.
You are in complete control of your account as long as you are alive. It comes into force after you; to ensure that the assets are transferred to chosen beneficiaries without legal and succession challenges.

Group Strength

Ardan is a part of the International Financial Group Limited(IFGL). It provides investment, savings, and protection solutions to international investors worldwide, with 216,000 customers, and USD26 billion in assets under administration, and employs more than 550 staff.

SafetyThe Isle of Man Advantage

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) recognizes the Isle of Man as a well-regulated offshore financial center of excellence as it holds an Aa3 sovereign rating (as of October 2020) from Moody’s for its financial strength.
This rating is higher than the USA and the same rating as the UK, UAE, and Hong Kong.
The Isle of Man Financial Services Authority (IOMFSA) aims to secure the safety of investors’ capital through stringent regulations. Hence it is an ideal location for your investments.

Challenges and Shortcomings

No one platform can be perfect, and like every platform, the Ardan Wealth platform also has the following shortcomings;

  1. No facility to place instant trades like a trading platform. Hence it is more suited for long-term investors and not for traders and speculators.
  2. The trading costs for Stocks and ETFs are relatively high; this is also a deterrent for short-term traders and speculators. However, this platform is ideal for Mutual funds and Structured product investments.
  3. The platform is Advisor led, hence not suitable for DIY investors.
  4. The account opening process needs an upgrade.


The Ardan Wealth Platform provides the following benefits;

  1. Advisor Led
  2. Wide choice of investments to grow wealth, create passive income or do both.
  3. Free beneficiary trust to ensure seamless transfer of wealth.
  4. Group Strength
  5. Safety

It is ideal for long-term investors looking to accumulate and grow lasting wealth and distribute it to their loved ones without succession challenges.

Professional Help

As an Independent Financial Advisor, I can help you determine your financial goals/objectives and choose suitable platforms, assets, and investment strategies to achieve your objectives.
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