Top 3 Child Education Savings Plans In UAE for Saving and Investment

Parenthood: A subtle blend of Love, Joy, and Anxiety.

As parents, we experience the boundless joy our children bring into our lives. Yet, we are also worried about their future and our responsibilities towards them. 

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Providing our children with the best education is one such responsibility and a significant financial commitment.

Here is a list of the Top 3 Child Education Plans in UAE, helping you save and invest for your child's higher education.

  1. Professional Education Plan - LIC International
  2. Regular Income Plan - LIC International
  3. Investor Advantage - MetLife

Professional Education Plan-LIC International

A guarantee of both capital and returns on maturity is a unique feature of this plan. It is ideal for parents who are looking to invest in plans with no capital risk and assured returns.

The maturity of this policy is well-aligned with the fees payment needs of a child, with fee payouts as follows;

  1. 20% of Sum Assured at age 18
  2. 20% of Sum Assured at age 19 
  3. 20% of Sum Assured at age 20 
  4. 20% of Sum Assured at age 21 
  5. 20% of Sum Assured at age 22 
  6. Guaranteed Addition (and loyalty addition if any) at age 23

The policy bond mentions the exact dollar value of maturity, right at the inception; making it easy for parents to plan for fees payment.

Click here to know the six reasons to invest in the Professional Education Plan.

Regular Income Plan - LIC International

It is ideal for parents looking for an investment with a capital guarantee but are seeking higher returns. 

The Regular income plan is a combination of multiple Endowment plans aligned with the potential fee payment schedule of the child.

It aims to provide higher returns than the Professional. Education Plan, based on the annual bonus declared by LIC International. 

Although not guaranteed, the bonus has been consistently increasing since 1990. Click here to know more about the Regular Income Plan and click here to view the Bonus history.

Investor Advantage - MetLife

Investor Advantage is a short-term investment plan with long-term growth opportunities. It is ideal for ex-pat parents looking to save aggressively over a short period of 1 - 4 years and allowing the investment to grow over time to facilitate fee payments.

Unlike the plans discussed earlier, this one helps you make your money work harder; however, there is no guarantee of capital and returns. 

The Investor Advantage provides access to more than 170 direct funds helping you build a robust portfolio of low-cost index & Mutual Funds depending on your investment goals and horizon.

Click here to know more about MetLife Investor Advantage.

How to decide which plan is the best?

Choosing the best child education plan depends on many factors like the age of your child, your disposable income, your risk appetite, and your investment goal.

As an Independent Financial Advisor, I help my clients plan and invest for various goals, including saving and investing for child education.

Arrange a Free Consultation to help you set up an education savings goal, determine your risk appetite, and select the most suitable child education plan.

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