The Secret to Achieving Financial Goals: Progress vs. Growth

People often confuse growth with progress. Although there is some overlap, they are not the same.

Growth and Progress-2

Growth is the increase in the value of your investments, and progress is your movement toward your financial goals.

Let's say your goal is to build a mango farm.

You plant a seed that grows into a vast tree, bearing many fruits. It is still not a farm.

There is a profound quote in Tamil...

"தனி மரம் தோப்பாகாது."

which roughly translates into "A single tree does not make a forest."

Also, there is no guarantee that a single seed will grow into a large tree and bear many fruits.

However, if you plant many seeds and nurture them, they will slowly grow into a farm bearing thousands of fruits every year.

Investing is a very similar process.

The savings from your income are the seeds you sow consistently in assets, that helps you progress towards your financial goals. 

You must keep building these assets(progress) that can grow in value to help you reach your goals.

Growth is unpredictable. Progress is totally in your control.

Take Charge.

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