Thank you Lawrence, for the Mahabharata Podcast.

Mammoth Effort

This blog post is a tribute to the mammoth effort of  Lawrence Manzo in bringing the Mahabharata Podcast to us.

Because I came know about this podcast at around episode 45, I had the opportunity of listening to the first 45 episodes, in 3 days.

Then I would keep on checking my itunes account, for the latest podcast.

I also had the privilege of listening to most of the episodes, more than once, because of the gravity of the thought explained and because his comments on the events in the story were amazing, particularly on the Yuga's and his views on the heroes of the story.


I'am happy to know that Lawrence is starting a podcast on Ramayana, and I am confident, that he would be able to do do a wonderful contribution to this great epic.

This journey of 100 episodes, of the Mahabharata podcast was very enlightening, and I promise I will follow Lawrence, when he embarks his journey of the Ramayana Podcast

I have no words to express my gratitude, and appreciation for his contribution to the great epics of India, and to the millions of people who have the privilege of listening to him.

If the reader is a history and epic fan and has not heard the Mahabharata podcast, i encourage the reader to visit


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