Medical Insurance for Dependent Parents and Senior Citizens in Dubai/UAE

Medical Insurance for Dependent Parents in Dubai, is now mandatory according to the DHA Health Insurance Law.

It can be broadly classified into the following 2 categories;

  1. Essential Benefits Plan or DHA Plan

  2. Comprehensive Medical Insurance.

If you are looking to know more about the essential benefits plan, click here.

If you are looking to know more and buy the comprehensive benefits plan, read further;

Premium or Comprehensive Benefits Plans 

The following is the list of Medical Insurance companies that provide comprehensive medical insurance for parents in Dubai;

  1. Axa GulfMedical Insurance for Parents
  2. Now Health
  3. Bupa
  4. Aetna Global
  5. Integra Global
  6. Orient Mednet
  7. Orient NextCare Health Plus (Only up to age 65)


The premium plans offer the following benefits;

  1. Direct access to Medical Specialists, instead of having to go to a GP and then visit the Specialists on referral and approval from the insurance company
  2. Access to wider geographical coverage, with optional coverage to elective treatment in USA and Canada
  3. Access to a better network of hospitals like Welcare, Mediclinic, American Hospital, Canadian Hospital, Zahra & Zukekha Hospital, and a wide network of clinics like Prime Medicals, Aster, and many other clinics
  4. Higher coverage limits per anum starting from  AED 250,000 going up to limitless coverage 
  5. Higher coverage limits for prescription medicines
  6. Lower deductibles, also nil excess/deductible options available
  7. Optional Dental Benefits
  8. Optional Optical benefits 
  9. Private Room / Suite / Premium Facilities
  10. Reimbursement of claims outside the network
  11. Some plans reimburse alternative medicine treatments as well
  12. Treatment of Chronic & Critical Illnesses 

Full Medical Underwriting

These plans can only be availed after Full Medical Underwriting for each individual applicant. Prior to availing of the insurance, each applicant has to complete a comprehensive medical questionnaire to provide complete details of medical history, lifestyle, and current health status.

Based on the underwriting the final premiums will be confirmed by the insurance company.

Please note that the insurance provider can decline cover for non disclosed pre-existing conditions


Each insurance company and plans have specific exclusions, it is advisable to obtain a copy of the TOB and the policy wording and review them thoroughly before buying a policy


The Premium or Comprehensive Benefits Plans offer a much better for dependent parents in UAE, however, the premiums can be higher in comparison to the Essential Benefits Plans.

For people who are looking for medical insurance only for visa purposes, it is better to buy the Essential Benefits Plan. For those who are looking to avail of proper medical coverage at premium hospitals, you can choose from one of the above-mentioned companies

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