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Consumerism Upsurge

Now a days getting a Credit Card, or a Personal loan is more easy and quicker than getting our passports renewed.

Every day and hour we are bombarded with various attractive offers via email, sms and via social networks for credit cards, attractive deals on various websites and promotions at Shopping malls etc..

Even banks are arranging good deals on Holidays, Electronics, Airfare, SPA treatments, and are even providing interest free installments, encouraging us to spend more on our credit cards.

The Debt Trap

Many residents are unable to resist the temptation and end up buying things they don't and can't afford.

Slowly but surely they get addicted and become compulsive shoppers. They keep spending time and money on the good deals, ignoring increasing expenses and mounting debt.

At some point in time, their credit credit cards are max out and they find themselves in a debt trap as many can only afford to make the minimum payment due on their cards.

Even if they miss one payment, they are penalized with late payment and over-limit fees, making it more difficult to clear the outstanding.

How to Get Out Of Debt?

The following are some simple steps to escape from the Debt trap, and work towards a Debt Free Life...

-Get-Out-Of-Debt-Financial Planning in DUbai

  • Check your email inbox and unsubscribe all the promotional emails from Discount websites, Shopping Malls, Banks and other social networking websites.
  • Call your bank(s) and decrease your credit limit by 30 % on all your credit cards, if you have at least 40% limit unused. If not wait till you get there.
  • Start using cash or a Debit card for making all purchases
  • Download an expense tracking application on your smart phone. For Eg : 
  • Record all your expenses as they happen
  • Analyze the pattern of your spending and avoid all unnecessary spending.
  • If you have more than one credit card and other loans, use one of the following debt elimination strategies to get rid of debt quicker;
    • Snow Ball Method of Debt Elimination
    • Debt Avalanche Method
  • You can also use an app to help you manage and pay off Debt Quickly. For Eg: Debt Strategy
  • Repay all outstanding on all credit cards and instruct your bank to debit from your current account the total outstanding at the end of every month for future spends, so that you do not incur any interest.

Financial Planning and Investments

As Qualified & Independent Financial Advisor, I can be your financial coach;

  1. Helping you set aggressive saving goals in line with your income and lifestyle
  2. Setting up an action plan for achieving them
  3. Investing your savings for capital accumulation while beating inflation, currency and market risks
  4. Identifying and investing the accumulated capital in income yielding assets.

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