Top 10 US Dollar Denominated Indian Mutual Funds in UAE

07-Apr-2018 16:57:09
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India's Growth Story

India currently ranks eighth on the list of most-valued equity markets, crossing the $3 Trillion mark in May 2021. Despite the harrowing impact of the pandemic a young and digitally enabled India is pushing forward its growth agenda slowly but steadily. Both local and international investors are bullish on India's growth outlook and are continuing to invest in India.

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There is an enormous opportunity for Investors to create and grow wealth by participating in India's growth story.

"If India continues on its present growth course, it could have a US$5.6 trillion economy in 20 years. To create a US$10 trillion economy, India will need to accelerate its growth to 9% CAGR over the next 20 years" - Future of India - The Winning Leap by PWC

Investing in Indian Mutual Funds in US Dollar and other leading currencies not only helps you benefit from India's growth, it also has the following advantages;

Given the opportunity and the above advantages NRI can invest in India in US Dollar-Denominated Mutual Funds.

Here is a list of Top 10 US Dollar-Denominated Indian Mutual Funds in UAE;

  1. Kotak India Mid Cap Fund
  2. First State Indian Subcontinent
  3. Goldman Sachs India Equity Portfolio
  4. PineBridge India Equity
  5. Jupiter India Select
  6. Kotak Funds - India Growth Fund
  7. Franklin India
  8. Pictet Indian Equities
  9. Aberdeen Global Indian Equity
  10. Fidelity India Focus Fund


With one sixth of the global population, India has the necessary Intellect, Passion, Hunger, Energy, Entrepreneurship and Creativity to grow as a economic super power in the next 2 decades.

Growth of 7% to 8% is a given in India provided we don’t do something drastically wrong. If we start executing and implementing, we can achieve growth of another 2%. Raghuram Rajan - Ex Governor Reserve Bank of India

Investing in Indian Mutual Funds in USD can provide an NRI in UAE a best of both worlds advantage.

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