Deferred Pension Plan - Guaranteed Passive Income For Life

Guaranteed Pension

In a world of extreme economic uncertainty, a dependable source of passive income can provide the necessary stability to your finances.

LIC International Deferred Future Secure Pension Plan can pay you a Guaranteed Pension for life.

It is an ideal investment if you are looking to create a passive income from 5 to 10 years from now.

Deferred Pension Plan - Guaranteed Passive Income For Life

Features and Benefits


  • Non-Unit Linked – Regular and Dependable Passive income for life
  • You can also choose to secure a lifelong guaranteed pension for your spouse after you.
  • An ideal vehicle for legacy planning, your nominees will receive 105-110% of the purchase price on in the unfortunate event of your death 
  • US Dollar-denominated - Ideal hedge against currency risks
  • Portable - You can buy then plan when a resident of UAE and continue to receive pension even after moving out of UAE
  • Surrender Benefit shall be possible before pension start under exceptional circumstances such as the critical illness of the annuitant, loss of a job, children's marriage etc.


Particulars Minimum Limit Maximum Limit
Purchase Price USD 15,000 No Limit but Subject to Underwriting
Entry Age 35 years (Completed) 72 years (Nearest Birthday)
Deferment Period 3 years 10 years
Age for starting pension 40 years (Completed) 75 years (Completed)
Mode of Investment Single Premium
Frequency of Pension Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, and Monthly


Sample Plans 


This plan can be used by both young expats looking to retire early and by veterans planning to retire in a few years.

I have created sample plans for the benefit of residents aged 35, 40, 45 50 and 55...

Fill the following form and select to download the appropriate sample plan.

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