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Written by Money Mata - aka - Damodhar Mata
on April 17, 2012

Everyone’s financial and life situation are unique, and so are our goals; aren't they?

Golf ball in egg carton

This is exactly what I keep that in mind when providing financial planning advice to my clients.

As Independent & Qualified Financial Planner, I am dedicated to learning about your goals, dreams, apprehensions, bottle necks, nightmares and past experiences. 

Together we will use them to build a financial plan focused on your specific needs & goals.

Your unique Financial Plan

I understand my clients can be in different stages of life: you might be purchasing a first home, could be newly married, married with small kids or planning to start a business, between jobs, or expecting to retire in a while....Business man pointing to transparent board with text What are Your Goals

I believe a that financial plan must reflect your personal or business situation, helping you choose the best financial products, that will enable you to achieve your goals

Once your custom-tailored financial plan is in place, we will continue working together to review achievements against your stated aims, and ensure you are comfortable and everything is moving forward according to our original plan.

If you ever have questions about your financial plan or about specific financial products, I would always be available to answer them.

We will set up a time to meet to review your needs and address any questions you may have.

You can have such a Financial plan will be your blue print of success;

Not some mass-market paperback....

Not some computer generated, one-size-fits-all scheme....

But a personal plan designed for you. With every number, every goal, every dream your very own.

When we meet, you'll see just how it can change your life's perception.

It can make life less confusing, Less pressured, Less uncertain,  when you will follow this plan. However the economy twists and turns.

There's a lot to tell about this personal planning technique. And a Blog is not the best place to do that. But, briefly:

Your plan would cover every aspect of your financial life.

It will  give you specific answers to key questions such as:-

  • Can I improve my cash flow?
  • What's right or wrong with my investments?
  • Do I have enough insurance? Too much? The right kind
  • How do I plan a comfortable retirement now?
  • What's the best way to protect those I love?

And there's much more. All of it in straight talk, not the jargon of specialists. With all the facts and figures you need to make it work. And remember, it's your plan. As individual as your fingerprint.

This plan is not for everyone, it is only for individuals who value their life and love their family.

You'll be the ultimate judge, of course. And when we meet to get all the facts, it will be without the slightest obligation or commitment. That's understood.

If you think the battle is tough today, tomorrow's battles will be rougher still. They surely will be, if you do not have a plan.....

Perhaps it's time you had one.

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