Why You Still Need Life Insurance, When Your Budget Is Tight?

My husband and I bought 20-year term life insurance 10.5 years ago when our first child was six months old.

My dad died of colon cancer at 38 and had very little life insurance. My mom struggled financially to provide for me and my brother and to set aside money for retirement after my father’s death.  I knew I’d buy life insurance as soon as I had a child.

My husband and I also planned to ladder our life insurance.  We now have two other children besides our oldest, who are 5 and 6.  Our current life insurance will expire when our two youngest children are 14.5 and 16, respectively.

Life Insurance in UAE

The best time to get Life Insurance is When Your Budget Is Tight

The plan was to buy another 20-year term life insurance policy for both my husband and me when our first policy was 10 years old.  Then, for the 10 years when both policies overlapped, we’d have ample coverage for the teenage and college years.

The problem?  Our budget is tight.  T.I.G.H.T.!

We’re digging our way out of debt, and Murphy has moved in.  During the first 3.5 months of 2015, we’ve had over $5,000 in dental bills and car repairs.  Ouch.

When my mom visited recently, and I casually mentioned that my husband and I were planning on getting another 20-year term life insurance policy, she replied incredulously, “If your money is so tight, I can’t believe you’d even think of getting another policy right now!”

My husband, echoing my sentiment, responded, “Because money is so tight, we can’t afford NOT to get another life insurance policy right now.”

Life Changes.  Is Your Life Insurance Policy Keeping Up?

A lot has changed in the 10 years since we bought our life insurance policy.  We now have three kids instead of one.  We own a home now and have a mortgage.  Our oldest is almost in the teen years, and we’ll need to think about college for him.

Simply put, the policy we have now is not adequate enough for all of our increased financial obligations.

When my mom was married, she and my dad struggled financially.  That’s largely why they didn’t buy life insurance.  Yet, even living through the nightmare of a spouse dying young with grossly inadequate life insurance, she’s still arguing that we shouldn’t spend the money on it.

A Wake-Up Call Motivated Me To Action

Even though I know we need additional life insurance, I kept putting it off until recently.

I belong to a number of homeschool groups on Facebook, and several recently shared the plight of the Rogan family from Wisconsin.

Niki Rogan was in the car with her husband and her seven children, heading to the hospital to give birth to her eighth child.  A car hit a deer, and the deer then hit the Rogan’s car and killed the father, Mike Rogan, who was only 42.

Given the dramatic circumstances of Mike’s death, the Rogan family’s story has been shared worldwide.  A family friend set up a Go Fund page for the Rogans, where she shared,

“Niki is a stay-at-home mom and homeschools her children who range in age from newborn to 15 years, and is left with providing for her family aided by only a minimal life insurance policy.” 

Because of worldwide attention, the Rogans’ GoFundMe page generated $470,688 at the time of publishing, 17 days after the page was established.  It is the 10th largest fundraiser in GoFundMe’s five-year history.

I’m happy that the Rogan family will have the money, if invested well, to allow Niki to continue to stay home and care for her children.  However, most people who lose a spouse do not have the media attention and a fast-growing GoFundMe page.

The Rogans likely had a tight budget.  Raising such a large family is not cheap.  Still, like us, they should have had more life insurance, even if it is tight to fit in the budget.  The alternative, for most people, can be devastating financially.

Do you have adequate life insurance or put off applying for or increasing your life insurance because money is tight?

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