Welcome to the New Normal

No, not the one after the advent of Covid-19. 

I am referring to the new normal amidst the tight monetary policy by central banks globally.

The New Normal-Weekly Market Update

In the last week's newsletter, we discussed the rising inflation in the US, reaching a 40 year high of 7.00%

To curb this raging inflation, the Fed is looking to drain some liquidity out of the markets by raising interest rates and selling bonds. 

Markets are bracing for a 0.50% increase in interest rates in the US as early as March 2022 and 3 more upward revisions this year. 

In response, the long-term bonds yields rose sharply, putting more pressure on equities, particularly the growth stocks.

As we already know, stock markets in the last two years were mainly driven by cheap credit and excess liquidity.

The Fed now feels that the US economy is strong enough to sustain itself without life support( Excess Liquidity), and in fact, prices have risen too fast and too high.

Hence the swift action to raise interest rates and reduce liquidity. 

Selling Spree

However, investors and speculators were uncomfortable with this move and went on a selling spree, much like a crying child whose candy had been snatched!

The S&P 500 was down 5.7%, Dow by 4.6%, while the Nasdaq fell the most by 7.6%. The YTD numbers for the US indices are S&P 500 -7.7%, Dow -5.7%, and the Nasdaq -12.00%

Additionally, last Friday was the expiry date of $3.3 Trillion worth of index and stock options(OpEx). In the last year or so, we have seen high volatility coinciding with the expiry of derivatives contracts.

OpEx- Weekly Market Update

White circles indicate approximate OpEx days. Source: Bloomberg.


While sentiments and events like OpEx or Qudraple Witching can drive the market performance in the short run, corporate earnings tend to give a clear direction in the long term.

Earnings for Q4 2021 and 2022 are expected to grow; however, not like 2021, when the revenue for most companies was up by 40+% YOY.

Despite the recent correction, the PE of many companies is still relatively high, offering little room for growth in valuations. while the expectations for growth are still quite high.

However, the growth outlook for 2022 is still positive, thanks to growing economies and strong consumer demand; but we cannot expect growth like 2020 and 2021. 

A globally diversified portfolio of growth and value stocks/funds, blended with bonds, gold, and more importantly, cash, can help you ride out the potential volatility in 2022 with little or no damage.

Also, this correction is an opportunity for those sitting on the sidelines to enter the markets in tranches over the new few months.

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