Tick-a-Week Savings Challenge - The First Cue.

Thanks a Ton and best wishes for those who have joined the Tick-a-Week Savings Challenge.

For those who have not joined yet, you still have time. Click here to know more about the challenge and join it.

Here is the link to download the excel template to track your savings progress.

The First Cue

Have you started saving money as per your weekly goal? If you have not started yet, this is your first cue to create your first habit loop.


Next week, I will send you another email for the next cue...

You can also instrumental in helping your friend or family, doesn't matter which part of the world they are in, invite them to join this Savings Challange to save more in 2018.

Give them 5 reasons to join this challenge

Copyhttp://bit.ly/5_reasons_to_join and paste in an email or send a message on social media.

How to Track?

Start with entering your annual income in the specific column and the template will automatically calculate your one-month savings goal and your weekly savings goal.

There is a tick box against each week, you must tick the box when you have completed savings for that particular week.

Keep saving for each week, tick and track your progress to save more in 2018.

Where to Save the Money?

You can open an e-saver account in your bank, and transfer the money online.

Indian Expats can set up an FCNR deposit with online transfer facility.

Once you have a more than AED 3000 in savings, you can also invest in National Bonds. You not only get a small return on your savings, you also can win up to a million dirhams every month, if you are lucky..

Your winning chances increase as you increase your savings in National Bonds...

Small Wins, Big Savings

Initially, your savings may seem very small and insignificant but do remember every snowball starts small. It gathers mass at is keeps rolling.

So keep your snowball rolling...

Join Our Facebook Page and Group to update your progress and savings tips to motivate yourself and others.

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-Group - Tick-a-Week Savings Challenge - Closed Group

Happy Savings...

See you Next Week...

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