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Written by Money Mata - aka - Damodhar Mata
on March 02, 2018

Business Owners/Partners/Directors are the Key Pillars of an organization!

Their good health and productivity are crucial to the success and continuity of any business.

Medical Insurance in Dubai for Business Owners & Partners.jpgWhile it is now mandatory to have a Health Insurance In Dubai, many business owners and partners do not have a good one.

They usually go for the cheapest insurance plan, without considering the benefits of a Comprehensive International Medical Insurance.

As a Partner or an owner of a business, if you get sick, you must have access to the best and hassle-free Medical care, helping you recover quickly and focus on your business. 

Money should be the last thing you must have to worry about, should you run into bad health.

Comprehensive & Premium health insurance has many advantages including;

  • Access to the premium hospitals of your choice like American, Canadian, Cleveland, Welcare, Zahra, etc...
  • Access to International coverage, including optional elective treatment in USA, UK, Europe and other parts of the world
  • Higher age limits for entry and no upper age limit for coverage, ensuring lifelong cover
  • Direct access to Specialists
  • Higher Annual cover limits
  • Cancer treatment, Dialysis and Transplant services
  • Emergency Medevac - Air Ambulance 
  • Shorter waiting times for elective surgery and procedures 
  • Allows you more control over when and where to be treated
  • Annual Health Checkups & Vaccinations 
  • Helps with services not covered by Medicare such as dental, optical, chiropractic, physiotherapy, etc.

As a Partner or a Business Owner, you must consider the above before deciding to buy Medical /Health insurance for yourself and your family;

The following is a short video of Peter, an Engineer and business owner, sharing his experience of having premium health insurance with Bupa Global

List of Premium & International Medical Insurance companies in Dubai

The following is a brief list of International Medical Insurance companies providing premium and comprehensive plans for Business Owners/Partners/Directors;

  1. Bupa Global

  2. Now Health

  3. Allianz Partners

  4. Aetna

  5. AXA

  6. Integra Global


When you have the right medical insurance coverage with a good interntational provider of repute, money will be the last thing you will worry about, should you get sick.

To help you undertand the benefits in detail and choose the best Health Insurance Plan suiting your coverage needs, arrange a Free and Personal Consultation by providing the following details;


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