Day One - Not One Day - Jumpstart your journey to Financial Freedom.

Congratulations, and thank you for participating in the 30-Day With Money Challenge 

Today is the first and the most important day. 

We begin this challenge by working on the most crucial resource for building long-term wealth. Without this resource, it is almost impossible to win with money.

This resource is the surplus of income over expenses. It is also known as net cash flow or investible surplus.

Investible Surplus - Day One 30 Day Challenge

Generally, people budget to make ends meet or to manage their expenses within their income.

Contrary to the popular understanding; a budget is not made to curb your expenses and deprive you! Ideally it should help you do more with your money

Your budget's real purpose is to generate a investible surplus which you can use to build lasting wealth.

Forward Cashflow Planner

Here is a simple template you can use to populate your income and expenses and find out your investible surplus.

With its auto-populate feature, you can copy the first month's data to the remaining 11 months and ascertain the overall cash flow and surplus. 

You can edit the expenses in the individual cell whenever necessary. 

It also has other cool features like multicurrency conversion, a Wealth Projection graph, and expense classification. 

Potential wealth forecast

Potential Wealth

As I stated in the Curtain Raiser Webinar today, awareness is the key. 

This template helps you project the wealth you can build in 5, 10, 15 20 years at the current savings rate. 

Once you become aware of your potential to build wealth using the surplus you can generate, you become motivated. 

You are more likely to make prudent spending decisions and increase your regular savings. 

It also classifies your expenses into Needs, Wants, Savings and Loans to help you plan them better. 

Data Privacy and Judgement Free

Unlike many smartphone or web apps, this template does not collect your private data. All the information is stored on your local computer, so be assured of data safety.

Also, because you are completing this template by yourself, you do not have to worry about being judged as well. 

Enter the actual income and expenses without worrying about being judged. Ascertain the your investible surplus for each month and for the year 2023.

The only flip side is that you will not be followed on social media with targeted ads.😉

No Sign-up or opt-in is required.

The cost of this template is $25, but it is complimentary for the members of this group.

Click here to download the template. 

Use it well, share your feedback with the group, and stay focused to complete the daily tasks.

Feel free to share this template with your friends and family and encourage them to join this challenge.

Once you have completed the Day 1 task 💪🏼, mark your progress on the google sheet or the Calendar pdf.

Also, if you can leave a quick comment on the Facebook group, it will motivate others to complete the task.

Let's begin..

After completing today's tasks, you can move to Day 2.

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