Day-16 - Cover All Bases

The phrase "cover all bases" originates from the World War II period. 

It refers to protecting strategically located centers from which all the army's activities are planned and coordinated.  A base is also where the supplies, weapons, and ammunition are stored.

Losing control of the base to an enemy typically resulted in the loss of a battle or even the War, so the bases were always well-guarded and protected.

You are also waging a literal war, trying to make a living and building your future, except not with guns. Well, mostly.

Your key bases are your income-earning ability and the assets you have built over time. Much like an army, covering these bases is crucial to your sustenance and growth.

Thankfully it doesn't cost you a fortune and an army of soldiers to cover your bases.

You can protect your assets with the following simple and affordable solutions;

Welcome to Day 16 of the Win With Money Challenge. Today's task is checking if your bases are well covered. 

Your most important asset

Your income-earning ability is your most important asset. It helps you provide for today, tomorrow, and your family's future. It is like an army headquarters. 

Losing this one asset can cause you to lose life's battle for yourself and your loved ones. 

You can protect against loss of income with adequate and efficient life insurance with living benefits like;

  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Disability Cover
  • Accidental Death Benefit
  • Fixed Income Benefit

Health Insurance

Good health insurance provides peace of mind in knowing you can visit any hospital or clinic when sick or ill. With rising healthcare costs, an accident or sickness can cause a massive dent in your finances.

Click here to get a Health Insurance Quote.

Car, Home, and Travel Insurance

Car insurance is mandatory; hence all avail of it. However, it is essential to choose comprehensive coverage with the correct add-ons to ensure peace of mind.

Click here to get your car insurance quote.

Home Insurance 

Home Insurance-3-2People have a lot of sentiments attached to their homes. Many put a significant portion of their life's savings into their homes, yet they leave it covered. 

Home insurance is quite affordable and essential for both homeowners and renters. 

You will be surprised when you know how little it costs!

Your home is your base. Cover it. 

Travel Insurance 

Travel and vacations are fun, except when things go wrong. Don't let these hiccups ruin your trip or make you spend a fortune. Secure your journey with simple travel insurance. Click here to know more. 

The Next Level

If you already have the above protections in place, Well Done.

Now let's go to the next level and review the adequacy of the cover.

You may have bought life insurance 5 or 10 years back. Your income and lifestyle must have vastly improved from then, so now is an excellent time to Top it up.

Also, the scope of the benefits is much more comprehensive than before. 

Click here if you need help with reviewing your life and critical illness covers. 

See you tomorrow.

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