Day 11 - No Spend Day

Imagine your life if you had to work all seven days of the week 😰 until you retire.

I am sure it won't be fun. 

You could get burnt out 🥵, stressed, and sick, probably. 

You could also be out of balance in many aspects of your life, including work.

On the other hand, you can be on a perpetual holiday only if you are financially free.

So you earn a living during the week, rest, and focus on other aspects of your life on weekends. 

One or two days of rest from work refreshes you and generally makes you more efficient. 

Breaking the Pattern

Have you ever thought that;

We start spending money even before earning and continue spending all our lives. If you need a break from work and earning, shouldn't you also consider a break from Spending?

Luxuries of the past have the basics of today. We have to work harder and longer to afford these luxuries.

Because we spend perpetually and in increasing values, there is a continuous need to earn more. 

No wonder many of us remain stuck in the rat race!

So how to get out of this rat race?

One quick solution can be to Reduce Spending.

Just like fasting helps improve our overall health, no spending days will help us be more mindful of money. 

It can help us break unhealthy spending patterns, increase our savings, and enhance our financial well-being. 

No Spending Days

Welcome to Day 11 of the 30-Day Win With Money Challenge.

Today's task is to plan and schedule a No spending day / Week or even a fortnight if you can stretch.

If you are going to do this for a day or 2, then go totally spend-free, except in emergencies.

If you plan for a more extended period, like a week or fortnight, commit to spending only on bare essentials, such as groceries, housing expenses, bills, and gas.

Go ahead and complete the Spending free Day task at the earliest and share your experience on our Facebook group.

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