Zurich launches International Decreasing Term Insurance in UAE

International Decreasing Term Insurance

The latest addition to Zurich International Life's protection suite in UAE.

As we all know that life insurance is mandatory to protect a mortgage in UAE, The Decreasing Term Insurance well equipped to address this area of protection.

What is Decreasing Term Insurance / Assurance?

Decreasing term insurance is also known as Mortgage Insurance. As the name suggests it is typically used to protect a mortgage liability.

At the time of availing the mortgage, an individual also has to obtain life insurance protecting his liability to the lender(Usually a Bank), and assign the policy to favour the lender.

In the event of his death before the maturity of the mortgage, the life insurance company will pay the lender the outstanding on the mortgage.

How is it different from a regular term insurance?

The life insurance cover amount remains same throughout the term of a regular term assurance plan, whereas the life insurance cover amount decreases every year in case of a decreasing term insurance.

The rate by which the cover amount decreases every year is determined by the interest rate of the mortgage.

0, 7, 9 and 11 are the 4 interest rate options provided on  Zurich's International Term Assurance, to choose from; to determine by how much the cover amount reduces every year.

Interest rates in UAE are currently less than 5.00%, but it is prudent to choose a higher interest rate, to avoid coverage shortfall at a future date, when interest rates increase in UAE.

How it works?

A decreasing term insurance policy is typically used to cover the outstanding balance of a mortgage or a business related term loan. As the outstanding loan amount of the mortgage / loan decreases every year, the amount of cover also decreases every year based on the interest rate selected.

Decreasing term life insurance aims to cater for this, and so the total amount of cover decreases over time, roughly in line with your mortgage:

For Eg: If an individual avails a decreasing term cover of USD 400,000 for a term of 25 years at 7.00 % interest rate; his cover amount will decrease as follows;

Zurich Decreasing Term Assurance Chart showing how cover amount decreases at 7.00 % interest rate

Why Decreasing Term Assurance? 

Because the cover amount of the policy reduces every year, the premiums are always lower than regular term insurance. This type of policy is well suited to protect a mortgage or a business liability at a very affordable cost.

Other Features

Sl. No Particulars Details
1. Choice of Currencies USD, Pounds, AED and Euro
2. Minimum Cover Amount AED 400,000, USD 100,000, GBP 60,000 and EUR 80,000
3. Term of Cover Minimum 5 Years and Maximum 35 Years
4. Optional Riders Critical Illness Benefit and Permanent Total Disability
5. Premium Type Single and Regular
6. Policy basis Single and Joint Life First Death
7. Premium Frequency Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly

Zurich's International Decreasing Term Assurance can also be used for the following;

  1. To protect Savings for Education for College
  2. To protect Savings for children's marriage
  3. To protect business liabilities
  4. To protect retirement savings

On the whole, this plan provides a comprehensive cover to protect a mortgage or a liability, at lower premiums and is highly recommended.

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