11 Shrewd Questions to Enhance Your Financial Well being.

03-Jan-2018 02:38:57
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Financial Well Being

Our lives are shaped by the questions we ask. Good questions lead to good outcomes and bad questions lead to bad outcomes. - Michael Hyatt

Let's resolve to ask others and more importantly ourselves many good questions in this difficult period and in the future.

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On this note let me help you with 11 good financial questions to ask yourself.

Answering these 11 questions can not only help you improve your finances, they can also help you find success in other aspects of your life.

1. Where do I want to be Financially one year from now? 

get the ball rolling.jpg1.a. What can I do today to get the ball rolling on this goal?

1.b. Have I set short, medium and long-term financial goals? - 

1.c. What can/is stop(ping) me from achieving my financial goals?

2. How can I increase my income?

2.a. What skills do I need to develop to get a promotion and raise? 

2.c. Will speaking Arabic help me get more clients, more sales and commissions

2.d. How can I learn a new language or a skill?

3. How can I create and increase passive income?

3.a. What kind of assets provide passive income and/or portfolio income in UAE? - Click here to read article on how to invest for passive income in UAE?

3.b. How can I invest in such assets?

4. How can I convert my idea into a thriving business?
5. Am I spending my money on things which I really need?

5. a. Have I regretted in the past for having bought something which I never used or liked?

5.b. What can I do to stop impulse shopping when lockdown ends?

6. Do I have a working budget? - Click here to download Budget Planner Excel Template 2018

6.a. Is my budget efficient?

6.b. Does it reflect my money values?

7. What percentage of my income is going towards interest payments?

Cashflow .jpg

7.a. By how much would my cash flow increase, if I had no debts? 

7.b. What can I do with the extra cash flow?

7.c. How would it feel to be debt free?

8. Am I a Good example for my children?

8. a. Do I want them to emulate my money habits?

8.b. How can I help them avoid my money mistakes?

9. How can I improve my financial literacy?

9.a. What books can I read to know more about personal finance & money management?

9.b. Which blogs can I read and follow? 

10. How will my family manage, If I died today? - Click here to know more about life insurance in UAE

10.a. Would they be able to sustain their current standard of living?

10.b. If not, what can I do about it?

11. How can I retire early? - Click here to know more about retirement planning in UAE

11.a. Can I afford a comfortable retirement at my current rate of savings?


The above listed are some of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself to find answers from within or from a reliable source.

They can help you shape your financial destiny.

Feel free to arrange a free 15 minutes Discover call with me, to help you;

  • Find answers to financial questions you don't have an answer
  • Set challenging & practical financial goals 
  • Establish an action plan and review strategy to achieve your financial goals.
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