Life and Critical Illness Insurance

Protect loss of income & secure your family's future.

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Life and Critical Illness Insurance

Your biggest asset is your income earning ability. Losing it due to death, disability or critical illness is not only traumatic, but it can also devastate your family's financial situation.

An adequate life and critical illness cover aims to make good this loss of income in such an unfortunate event.

The following are the 3 types of life insurance plans in UAE;

  1. Term Insurance - The most affordable form of Insurance, with choice of riders like critical illness benefit, Waiver of Premium & Disability Cover. Click here to know more about Term Insurance
  2. Whole of Life Insurance - A comprehensive cover helping you protect loss of income while working, protect retirement savings during retirement and a legacy planning tool. You can avail riders like Critical Illness Benefit, Family Income Benefit, Dismemberment and other riders on this plan. Click here to know more about Whole of Life Insurance
  3. Endowment Plans - A fine blend of risk protection and savings leading to an assured wealth accumulation. Click here to know more about Endowment Plans

To know more about Life and Critical Illness Insurance in UAE, you can arrange a free consultation by submitting the adjacent form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this FAQ can help provide some answers here to address the specific questions

Where can I get the claim settlement statistics of Life Insurance companies in UAE?

Zurich Internationa Life, MetLife & Friends Provident are the leading International Insurance providers in UAE.

They regularly publish their claim settlement statistics online. 

Click the following links to know more about this

- Zurich Middle East Claim Statistics


Are you independent or a tied agent of an insurance company?

I am an Independent Financial Advisor, my aim is to provide unbiased professional advice.

Do you support in getting claims from Insurance companies?

Yes, we support in the management of your policy, submitting claims and renewals as well.

Do I have to visit your office to buy the insurance products?

Almost all insurance products can be processed via email and online. You can also buy a Simple Life Insurance of less than $80,000 online by clicking here.

For more complex life insurance needs we recommend a Holistic Financial Planning process helping you understand your life's larger financial picture before buying individual products.

Click here to arrange a Free Consultation for Holistic Financial Planning. 

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