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Insurance is the process of transferring a potential risk from a person or an entity who cannot afford to bear it; to an insurance company who is capable and willing to bear the risk for a small fee.

There are many forms of insurance, but we focus and specialize in the following;

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this FAQ can help provide some answers here to address the specific questions

What is the benefit of using your services, when I can buy it directly from Insurance companies?

We deal with a wide range of International and Regional insurance providers offering distinct advantages to their products. This helps us provide an unbiased recommendation based on your needs and budget.

Using our services not only help you buy the most suitable insurance plan at affordable premiums, but it also saves you the hassle of contacting multiple providers and analysing the pros and cons of the products of each provider.

Then we continue to support you for managing claims and during renewals to make sure that your insurance coverage keeps pace with your changing life.


How can I get Medical Insurance for Visa purposes?

You can buy the Medical Insurance for Visa purpose online from respective companies. Click here to see the list of companies and the links to buy the insurance online.

Do you support in getting claims from Insurance companies?

Yes, we support in the management of your policy, submitting claims and renewals as well.

Do I have to visit your office to buy the insurance products?

Almost all insurance products can be processed via email and online. You can also buy a Simple Life Insurance of less than $80,000 online by clicking here.

For more complex life insurance needs we recommend a Holistic Financial Planning process helping you understand your life's larger financial picture before buying individual products.

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